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The "Winter" Litter

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We are excited to announce our first homebred litter from Von Rose. We have bred our Sweet Cinder to Cecelia Links beautiful import from Norway, who happens to also be Cinders grandfather. The puppies should be born just after the New Year and ready to go to new homes early in 2010. This line bred combination should produce some very exciting puppies. We are anxious to see the little buggers. Get your reservations in fast for this special litter. Contact us at ...

The pups have arrived! Eight pups, six boys and two girls were born December 28th. See links below for pictures and updates!

Well this has been a real experience for us. From breeding, to whelping, to letting them go to new homes it has been chocked full of laughs and tears for us. We learned so much along the way and have so many helpful friends to thank. They make you smile when they run and play so full of life ... they drive you crazy with their crying late at night. Day after day of poop cleanup is wareing, but then you find yourself just sitting and watching them with a smile on your face. Then the day comes to let them go to their 'forever' homes and you find youself with tears welling up behind the smiles. We will never forget Miss Pinks bold nature and sassiness ... Mr Blues adventurous and smile at you attitude ... Miss Yellows sweet licks ... Mr Purples (no not Lavender) tail wiggles and exploring ... Mr Greens bold barks and love of life ... Mr Reds lovable cuddles and puppy breath ... Mr Oranges happy to see you looks ... and Mr White/Black quiet strength. Our chins and toes have been washed clean and we have received a thousand puppy kisses ... but there is always room for more kisses. We introduce the "Winter" litter and we hope to keep everyone updated on these wonderful Standard Schnauzers. We love them to pieces.

See the puppies pedigree

Meet the puppies
Von Rose Winters Yellow Daisy ...Daisy
Von Rose Winter Sky ... Kaiser
Von Rose Once Upon A Winter .... Oscar
Von Rose First Winters Darling Diva ... Diva
Von Rose Winter Wanderer ...Odin
Von Rose Winter Shooter ... Shooter
OK ... We ended up owning two of these boys. Shade will stay with us permanently. Stormy is a Special boy. He is Cecelias 'pick' puppy. She graciously sold him back to us along friends, John and Dorothy Pazereskis. We will show him in conformation along with being shown in Junior Handling. After he finishes he will probably go to live with Sylvia Habermehl where he will continue in performance work. So we have quite a house full!!
Von Rose Hazy Shade of Winter ... Shade
Von Rose Stormy Winter von Link ... Stormy