Cinders Pups

Second week

Nice week of growth and learning. I took this week off to be sure the pups have a good start and Suzanne plans on taking next week off work to spend with the puppies. Really no need to though because Cinder is taking good care of the pups. We are getting into a routine of changing the bedding in the whelping box a couple times a day. My worry is when they really start moving around .... how to keep them corralled when we have to go back to work and the kids are in school. Oh well one bridge at a time, I am sure we will figure something out. Sure is fun to watch them grow. We weigh them nightly and see steady growth from all the pups. Mr. Orange and Mr. Green are usually a couple ounces behind, but still nice and fat. Mr. Red seems to have made the biggest strides at weight gain surpassing Mr. Purple and Mr. Blue as the heaviest.

Still pushing food on Cinder to keep up her weight up. Anything and everything to get meat on her bones. She seems to be becoming more particular, I suppose she will only want boiled chicken from now on ... I can almost hear her say, "the kibble is for the common dogs, ones without beautiful babies".

Well here are some pictures of week two. I am sure as the pups get a bit older I can come up with more exciting poses.

Babies scattered everywhere!
Mr Purple on his back
Baby dogpile

Toenail and ribbon check
Constant hunger
Stimulation procedure
Weighing the pups
Me, mama and the babies
What, milk, again!!!
Asking which one Cinder likes best .. All of corse!
Marco and Mr Blue.