Cinders Pups

Saying Goodbye

With heavy hearts the day comes for each of Cinders babies to leave us and go to their 'forever' homes. We are so happy that each will go to a very special home, but we will miss them dearly. Its amazing how attached you get to these guys in just a few short weeks. We are happy for the new owners and we hope to see new pictures from their new adventures.

Miss Yellow is first to go home with her new family ... Melissa Schilling and Noelle Gray. Daisy is her new name.
Mr Blue leaves the next day, headed for Illinois with the Eric Brown family. His new name is Kaiser.
We also bring Mr Purple to meet his family. Jayne Yelk with her father meet us to take "Oscar" to his new home and family.
Our special, first born, Miss Pink joins her new family the next weekend. She will head towards Minneapolis with Steve and Andrea Morehead and be known as "Diva"
Mr White and Mr Red will be leaving over the next two weeks. Mr Orange will be staying with us temporarily as he is Cecelias pick and she hopes to find a good show home for him. Mr Green is our Boy and will live with us here at Von Rose. He will be called Shade. He is high energy and will make his show ring debut in the Fall.