Cinders Pups

Six weeks

Actually these are a day or so before the pups turned six weeks old. I wanted to take pictures of all the pups from a specific set of angles so you could compare the pups. Sorry that a number of the close-up shots of the heads are out of focus, but I wanted to include these so you could get the general outlines. Really ... I am a better photographer then this, but when you are using the cheaters, automatic mode sometimes it focuses on something other then what you think. The pups seem to be changing daily, but I think it is an exceptional litter of quality puppies. I really wish I had more show homes to put these guys in. But then again I think I am finding some real nice homes for these little guys. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I promise to check the focus next time ... and my spelling!

Mr Purple

Mr Green

Mr Red

Miss Pink

Mr White

Mr Orange

Mr Blue

Miss Yellow