Cinders Pups

Two Weeks Old

We would like to introduce you to the "Winter" litter.

We have finally decided on the theme of this litter. Since it was a cold winter night when they were born we will have them all with some sort of association to Winter. Here are a few suggestions

  • Winter wonderland
  • Cold Winter nights
  • Winter storm
  • Cozy winter
  • Winter lights
  • Winter frost
  • Winter snow
  • Winter sleigh ride
  • Winter warlock
  • Winter coat.
  • Warm Winter Fire ..... this one is taken.
  • Long winter
  • Winter skys
  • Whimsical Winter
Frost crystals
Winter frost in the trees in Iowa
Magic and Ellie watch for bunnies in the snow

Cinder thought she should get her picture taken also. No use the puppies getting all the attention

Two weeks old ... first the two girls ...
Miss Pink
Miss Yellow
Now for the six boys
Mr Blue
Mr Purple (Still not Lavander)
Mr Green
Mr Red
Mr Orange
Mr White

Suzi and the puppies .... getting pretty crowded under there.
Puppy basket. Gets kind of full during box cleaning time.
Can you count how many???