Cinders Pups

Third week

Puppies are doing very well. The eyes and ears are beginning to open. I guess now the fun starts. I suppose they will be running all over the place pretty soon. They already seem to recognise us when we come in the room and run toward us. That is another thng, they are starting to get their feet under them and climb the pig rail. I will have to raise the bar soon. Pups had their first visitors this week. Friends of Marco and neighbors came to see the babies. They all fell in love with them during the short visit. We also gave them a little treat of yogurt this week just to watch them lick it off our fingers. Maybe next week we will try and give them a little cereal and see what they think.

First visitors. What a fun day. The puppies love being held.
Neighbor boys holding the pups.
Puppies on the pink pad
Suzi, Cinder and the neighborhood watching the pups.
Snuggled up in mommys arms
Miss Yellow getting her feet under her
No its really not that cold in our house.

Babies get a little taste of Yogurt
Licky! Licky!