Happy Birthday
The puppies started arriving around 6:30 on Monday, December 28th. A X-Ray taken earlier that day revieled that we could expect at least 8 puppies. We had hoped for a nice small litter to be our first. but it looks like we will dive in with both feet. Suzanne thought Cinder had been waiting for her to start and she may have had a couple contractions on the way to the Vet. She didn't waste any time when she got home and started the delivery process. I haddn't even made it home yet when the first one arrived. I had a few things to pick up in antisipation for the expected Saturday delivery. Cinder wasn't going to wait and started in. I got a couple excited phone calls on my way home, but Suzanne did such a splendid job of birthing. Miss Pink came out with a little help, wiggleing and screaming. She has since become the most vocal of the bunch, destined to become a "ring leader". When I got there the second was on the way and out came Mr Blue. And a while later. Miss Pink. There were intervals of even a hour and a half between some, but all seemed to deliver well. After Miss Yellow there were 5 boys in a row, Mr Purple (it's not Lavender!), Mr Green (the smallest), Mr Red, Mr Orange and finally Mr White. You can imagine that Cinder was pretty tired by the time Mr White came along. We were glad we had the X-Ray done or we might have thought Cinder was done at seven, she actually took a short nap before Mr White came along. The last one came about 1:30 in the morning, making for a short night for all.
Cinder in her new whelping box a couple days before the birth.

Get ready. Here they come
Aren't they the cutiest things!
Hope that's all of them. Cinders tuckered!

Let's meet the puppies! Three days old.
Miss Pink
Mr Blue
Miss Yellow
Mr Purple (No not Lavander)
Mr Green
Mr Red
Mr Orange
Mr White