Cinders Pups

First Big Meal

At three weeks to help Cinder out the pups tried New Food. Ground puppy chow and milk ... they liked it. After a little trial and error they figured out that this stuff was good to eat. We also started supplementing some whole milk. The little buggers are growing so fast that we thought it would help Cinder keep up with the milk production. It is like attack time when Cinder comes in to nurse as the pups push and squirm to get at her. Also the little razor teeth are starting to come which shortens feeding time. Cinder has us trained. When she is ready to nurse she likes us to put down a fresh towel for her to lay on and she likes a little cool whole milk to drink out of her favorite John Deere saucer.

Well whaat's this stuff in the big pan??

But the best stuff still comes the old fashioned way!