Cinders Pups

First week

This is all a learning experience with us. Good thing we have so many to help us along the way. Figureing out the routine. Trying not to be so overprotective, Cinder knows what she is doing. Our first big adventure is bundling up and going to the Vet to remove due claws and tail docking. It just happened to be one of the cloder days of the year to add to the drama. But we packed up the cooler with our 8-pack of puppies and headed in. It is about a 20 minute drive for us to the vets office, so it is not small trip. The hot water bottle in the cooler kept the pups warm, but it was hard to keep track of them all in the towels. And they all started to 'sing' when they were separated from monny. Cinder didn't think much of it either from the kennel in the back. All went well, even though Suzanne was paceing in the Vets office and didn't like the noises coming from the back. The pups seemed to handle it without a skip. They were just in the hurry to get backk home and to momma for a meal. We did find Cinder had a small temp., so we put her on an antibiotic.

We are constantly trying to get Cinder to eat and drink to keep up her strength and milk production. She seems to be handling it well and getting spoiled. Chicken, hamburger, macaroni and cheese along with anything else to entice her to eat ... but she still seems a bit skinny, maybe it is just because she was so big with 8 babies inside her.

We also started with the 'Early Neurological Stimulation' training or sometimes called the 'Bio Sensor" training. We have heard wonderful things from those people who use it. Along with a lot of socialization we hope these pups will have great temperments. Puppies have already had a couple visitors come to see the, Cinder is protective, but OK with it all.

Momma and babies ... last day with tails.
Ellie checks out what all the niose is about.
Babies getting toenails clipped.

Our 8-pack of pups in a cooler.
At the Vets office to get tails docked.
Should be a picture of the Vet here if my camera haddn't screwed up!
See mom ... no tails!
Resting with momma.