Cinders Pups

New ears for Mr Green

We took a long ride up to Minnesota with Mr Green to see Dr. Jerry Ahrendt of the Kimbal Veterinary Clinic to have ears done. We are only cropping one pup out of this litter. It is interesting to note that more and more puppy people enjoy their Standard Schnauzers with natural ears. It is likely that three of these pups could be in the show ring with natural ears. Mr Green will remain here with us and will be known as Von Rose Hazy Shade of Winter ... 'Shade" Shade is recovering and seems to be adjusting to his new ears nicely. But he looked pretty sore when I got him out of the recovery cage. And he must be isolated from his inquisitive brothers and sisters. Ears are always fair game when the puppies play.

Last night with ears
Big yawn
Shades new head gear
Tired puppy ... hard day.
Trying to wake up, but walking is difficult.
'Why can't Mr Green come out and play!!!"