Cinders Pups

New Digs!!!

Well it was moving day. The pups are getting more active and need more room. So we dismantled the whelping box and moved to what used to be the dining room. With the dining room table nicely tucked away in one of the spare bedroom it made for a nice new area for the pups to grow into. We used our newly obtained X-pen to make a front yard for the babies. First went down a tarp and a mat. The pups really enjoy the new play area. I was hoping when they got tired they would go sleep in the whelping box that they were accustomed to. No such luck, they prefer to lay next to the 'out' door. Momma Cinder likes to lay near the pen to keep an eye on the little darlings. She would really like to spend more time in with them, but they are so brutal in their attack for milk when she is with them we decided to keep them apart and let her dry up. The pups are eating like pigs, probably more often then necessary, but they are really not overly messy. We have also found it necessary to raid the recycling bins for newspaper. That's a constant battle. And when entering the pen area, the pups think any foot is fair game. What thrill do they find in eating toes anyway!

Dismantling the whelping box
New area in Dining room
Puppies in prison.
Pen full!
Attaching X-pen to whelping box
Getting Cinders approval.
And Cinder says the view of the bunnies was great from there.
Here comes the puppies
The yard even comes equiped with toys!
Playing on the teeter.
I see you
Toys and stuff.
Watch the toes!
Sacked out.
Sleeping close to momma.