Cinders Pups

One Month Old

Hard to believe the pups are one month old already. They are getting to be such fun to be with. We bring them out each evening to play on the kitchen floor. It is a little less messy to get them started on mush when there is newspaper on the floor. That also gives us a chance to clean the box. Seems like we are doing a lot more laundry lately. Cinder likes us to put down a fresh towel if she is going in there with them. Her time is is getting shorter and shorter. They come at such a rush at her and are so persistant ... the little teeth are too much for her to take sometimes. So we are slowly getting them on to solid food. The pups have had a number of visitors and perspective buyers come to visit. They love all the attention. We are sure this litter will be well socialized.

Miss Pink ...75.3 oz
Mr Blue ... 79.7 oz
Miss Yellow ... 72.4 oz
Ok I accidently erased Mr Purples picture ... 77.3 oz
Mr Green ... 75.4 oz
Mr Red ... 77.0 oz
Mr Orange ... 75.6 oz
Mr White ... 82.2 oz

Oh Boy! Slop!
Luis and the pups
New toys and stuff
What fun
New friends, Michelle and family. Which ones yours mom?