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  • January 8th,9th and 10th, 2016 Northstar Working Group and St. Paul Kennel Club

    Three days of shows at the beginning of the year. And what a start to the year. Phantom started with the Friday show, winning BOB and beating "Q" in the process. Payback for beating us at the NOHS Eukanuba show the month before. And to prove it was no fluke, Phantom won again on Saturday. "Q" did go breed on Sunday and Phantom took Select. I am thinking these two will be going head to head a lot this year. Winning on Saturday also meant that Phantom went to NOHS. Suzanne had a great time showing Phantom, it is always fun when you get big wins against a big entry.

  • January 23rd and 24th, 2016, Central Iowa Kennel Club, Des Moines Iowa
  • Back in Iowa. Sure no one comes but us. But we always enjoy the show, even with distractions. Phantom won Breed both day and got a NOHS Group 3 to keep things going for the year. The real news was the debut of little Tangle. Her first show and she loved being in the show ring. She is going to be a real force in the ring. Suzanne showed her in the Puppy class on Sunday as the show was having Puppy competition. Tangle won he class, going winners and even Best Opposite (OK she was the only girl). She also did well in the puppy group, winning a Group 3.

  • February 20th and 21st, Cyclone County Kennel Club, Des Moines Iowa

    A lot of good friends came down to build majors in the girls. Nice to see everyone. We showed Phantom, Rein (Ivy) and Tangle, even though Rein was still in poor coat and needs some ring work before she is back to herself in the ring. We promised to show her so we did. She showed well, but could only place in her class. Tangle was in the 6-9 month old class and showed very well. She is a chip off the old block and really has attitude in the ring. To our great delight she won a three point major on Sunday for her first points. She is a girl to watch. Phantom continues to amaze us. not only did he win Breed both days he also won his second Best in Show from the NOHS (picture). What a wonderful dog. the judge was Geir Flyckt-Pederson. Geir judged in groups at Westminster the week before.

  • March 31st, April 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Northeast Wisconsin Dog Show Classic, Manitowoc, WI

    Four day show that Suzanne did. Way over on the east side of Wisconsin. Phantom took Breed all four days and got a NOHS Group 3 on Friday.

  • April 30th and May 1st, Heart of Iowa Kennel Club, Marshalltown Iowa.

    Nice little show. Rainy and wet, always the first outing with the camper. Phantom won BOB both days. Ivy (Rein) is getting there, but not quite up to show condition yet. She won her class both days. We also showed Tangle. She went Reserve on Saturday and BOS on Sunday for a couple points!

  • May 14th and 15th. Scott County Kennel Club, Rock Island IL.

    Just Phantom on Saturday and he made the best of it. BOB and a NOHS Group 3. On Sunday we had the pleasure of showing with old friends the Pazs. Phantom again took Breed.

  • May 21st. Illinois Capitol Kennel Club, Springfield IL

    A great one day show for Phantom. Suzanne ran over to this show that lost its twin show due to missing the entry cutoff day. With it only being a one day show the entry was a little lower and I think the handlers skipped it. Phantom took breed and won both the NOHS and the regular Working group. He also won Reserve Best in Show for NOHS under judge Ann Schwartz (Picture)

  • May 27th to the 30th. The Bloomington cluster and Regional Standard Schnauzer Specialty

    This is always big fun. Good show good friends and good fun. We took four dogs with us, Phantom, Ivy, Tangle and Even Spirit for one day. Friday started out with a bang as Phantom took breed (Picture) and winning NOHS. Ivy was BW for another major and giving her enough points to gain her Championship (Picture). Way to go Ivy, she is back in great show form. Tangle showed well, but finished second in her class. On Saturday Phantom could only manage getting Select to one of Lizs' dog. A Seneca bitch took breed with a handler. Ivy moved up as a Special and didn't place. But Tangle went Winners Bitch for he second major (Picture). On Sunday the day of the Specialty, Tangle went best in Sweeps! Great win (Picture). But she didn't win her class in the regular classes. For the first time ever (and the last) I let a handler take Phantom into the ring. Holly has always wanted to show him and I thought since Phantom was so crazy with the bitches in heat at the show I would see if she could control him better than Suzanne or myself. He was crazy for her too, but he did get BOS (Picture). Penny showed Elan because she couldn't see the handler winning at the Specialty, so she went Breed and the handled dog went Select. And Spirit got to go in the ring after a long absence. He showed well, but didn't place. Problem with not showing Phantom myself we gave up the NOHS chance and Liz ended up with it and also got a Group 1. But by going BOS for the third time we did retire the challenge trophy which we donated back to the club. At the Monday show, Phantom again went Select. He was hard to show this weekend and not his old self. The real nice news was that Ivy got her first placement as a Special and went Select to the BOB bitch with a handler.

  • June 3rd, 4th and 5th. Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club, Fargo ND

    With Suzanne off work for the Summer it gave us a chance to do a few show that we ordinarily don't do. We wanted to let Phantom shine as he is doing so well in the ring and he is such a joy to show. Suzanne went to Fargo and came back with a bunch of wins. He went Breed all three days. On Friday he got a regular Group 4 (Picture) and a NOHS Group 4 (Picture). On Saturday he got a NOHS Group 3 (Picture) and on Sunday he got a regular Group 4 (Picture) and a NOHS Group 3 (Picture). Busy weekend and a lot of running for Suzanne.

  • June 11th and 12th. Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club. Jordan MN.

    My turn to show. Hot outside show without many of our friends for support. Kind of quiet in the Group rings. Phantom was the only Standard at the show so he won breed both days. He did well in the NOHS ring coming home with Groups 3 and 4.

  • June 25th and 26th. Waterloo Kennel Club, Waterloo IA.

    This is our home show. We are members of the WKC. It is a bit difficult to both work a show and groom and show dogs. But we had a great weekend. We supported the Standard Schnauzer entry and had prizes that came from the statuary collection of Cecelia Link. It was nice that we had some friends come to show their Schnauzers. The Limperts came down and showed Tangles brother and sister for the first time. Also Sylvia Habermehl came with Sparky. It is always so nice to see them. This is kind of a tale of two different days. On Saturday Phantom won the breed. He also won the Working Group (Thankyou judge Steve Gladstone) and the NOHS Working Group and to top it off he went NOHS BIS (Picture) under Judge Jan Ritchie. This is his third NOHS BIS. Sylvias, Sparky (Magic x Cinder) got a nice Select and our Miss Ivy got BOS. Tangle and her brother and sister each won their class with Epic going Winners dog. Now on Sunday it was a different story. Ivy had a great day, she beat her big brother to go BOB! Then she went in the regular Group and got a Group 4 and even better she won the NOHS Working Group (Picture)! Thank you judge Carol Brown. Phantom was BOS. Tangle won her class and her sister Envy was Winners Bitch. It was a very busy couple of days, but great fun.

  • July 9th and 10th. Southeast Iowa Kennel Club, Ottumwa Iowa.

    Another show where we just showed Phantom thinking there wouldn't be much of an entry. There was one other Standard entered, but he didn't show. Phantom did well winning the breed and NOHS Groups 4 and 1.

  • July 14th - 17th. Duluth Kennel Club. Duluth MN.

    We passed on the National Specialty and decided to do a bigger show in cooler weather. It was Beautiful in Duluth. We were both going to go to this show but Suzanne thought we had been leaving Marco home on weekends too much, so she sent me on my own with Phantom for a little bonding time. Phantom wasn't feeling too well on the way up and even made a mess of his kennel. So he wasn't at his best up there. The results reflected his not feeling well the first days of this four day show. On Thursday and Friday we walked without even the Select. Kind of a shock with how well Phantom has been doing. Judges Olvis and Muthard just didn't see anything in him those days. But Phantom got to feeling a little better on the weekend and did take breed both Saturday and Sunday. And he did manage to get a NOHS Group 4. Phantom also earned his Silver Grand Championship during this weekend.

  • July 23rd and 24th. Burlington Kennel Club, Burlington IA.

    A real nice show that Suzanne did. Phantom was the only Standard at the show and got breed both days. On Saturday he also got a regular Group 3 and a NOHS Group 2. Sunday he earned a NOHS Group 2 again.

  • July 30th and 31st. Waukesha Kennel Club, Waukesha WS

    This has to be about the best show weekend Phantom had this year. I just wish I had been there to enjoy it. Suzanne went there on her own and stayed with our good friend Sylvia. It was nice too because Brook was showing and she is great. Phantom took breed both days with a pretty large entry. He also won the NOHS Working Group and to top it of he went back-to-back NOHS Best in shows for the weekend. That's three and four for the year and his fifth Best of Show overall!!! Lots of nice pictures. NOHS Group 1 under judge ??? (Picture) on Saturday. NOHS BIS under judge Pat Trotter (Picture) on Saturday. NOHS Group 1 under judge ??? (Picture) on Sunday. And NOHS BIS under judge Eugene Blake (Picture) on Sunday. What a weekend. What a special dog.

  • August 13th. Kennel Club of Freeborn County, Albert Lea MN.

    Suzanne did just one day of this weekend. Just a Select.

  • August 25th - 28th. The Lake Elmo Cluster and Heartland Regional Specialty.

    This is normally a four day weekend for us, but Suzanne was back to work and couldn't get weekday time off. We decided to just do two days and left the camper at home and stayed in a nasty Hotel. As it worked out, Ivy also came into season around this time and we made plans to have her bred. We had the opportunity to use frozen semen from a dog in Ivys background. So it timed out so Ivy was possibly going to be in prime time to breed on the 27th. So I dropped Suzanne off at the show site Saturday morning and took Ivy to the vet to have a Progesterone test done and see if it was time to breed her. I was hoping to get the test have her bred and still make it back to the show in time to show Phantom. But it was not to be. The test did show that it was time to breed Ivy, but the semen had not arrived? It was supposed to be there on Friday. We did trace it down and it was in Minneapolis, but Fed X didn't intend to deliver it. They thought the vet was not open on the weekend. I was beside myself. So I was off to the Minneapolis airport (where the FedX office is located) to pick up this metal container which to me I thought it look bomb-like. I could see myself being tracked down by Homeland Security. But then what would I tell them ... I was transporting semen. I sound like a freak either way! Well anyway we got the job done and she was bred. But I did miss the ring time for the show. I had big plans on working on Phantoms coat and didn't get that done either. Needless to say there was a scolding from Penny Duffee. So Suzanne had to groom two and try and show them both with all this going on. Well we didn't get breed. But Phantoms little sister, Lily did. Lily and Gwen make a good team and Kathy and Pennys grooming are impeccable. Phantom did manage a Select and Tangle got Reserve winners in a big group of class bitches. I was able to help out on Sunday and did a little coat work. Phantom looked good and got the BOS and the NOHS nod and ended up with a NOHS Group 2. Again Little Lily took the Breed with Gwen at the leash. And Lily topped it off with her first Group placement, a Group 4. Its nice to see dogs we breed do so well in the show ring.

  • September 2nd to 5th. The Amana cluster. Tri-City KC and Cedar Rapids KA.

    Always a great show. Fun to camp and show. The weather was great. Not too hot but dry. It is a four day show over Labor Day. Suzanne couldn't get the Friday off, but I took a day off work to show. Brought the camper down on Thursday and set it up and with the help our our good friends I got two dogs ready for the ring on Saturday. Its a lot of work without Suzanne there. But I think I had Phantom and Tangle looking pretty nice. Friday was pretty hectic. Glenda showed Tangle for us and got Best Opposite for a point. Oh, I should say that we had Olvis and Muthard at this show again, the same judges that didn't put up Phantom in Duluth. Same thing on Friday. Muthard just gave Phantom the Select to one of Lizs' boys. Suzanne was there for the rest of the weekend and it sure is easier when she grooms and shows one and I do the other. Saturday and Sunday Phantom took Breed, but nothing in the regular Group. Tangle again took BW for a point each day. On Monday we decided the see if Suzanne showing to Olvis would make a difference and I would show Tangle. Nope, Olvis also put up the Sketchbook dog and gave Phantom the Select. The good news was Tangle got the point again to finished her Championship. There was only NOHS on Friday and Monday, the days we didn't get the breed and Liz went to the Groups. The groups were small and we really wish we could have competed in them.

  • September 10th and 11th. Des Moines Kennel Club, Des Moines Iowa

    Kind of a crazy show. Not really because of the dogs but the people there. Long story and don't want to get into it. Lets just say some people really show their true colors. Suzanne went by herself to this one as I was working. Phantom looks nice, but Jody Paquette was there as a handler. She has shown the top Standards in the country lately, not to say that the one she had was of that quality, but Jody always presents well. Phantom took Select to a Crivits dog both days and on Saturday he got a NOHS Group 2.

  • September 17th and 18th. Rochester Kennel Club. Rochester MN.

    Nice show. We get to visit with the Limperts at this show as they are members and support the entry. We also get to see Tangles brother and sister in the ring. Suzanne let me go to this one and we pulled Tangle as she finished at Des Moines. It was a good show for Phantom. His coat was back in shape and showing well. He went Breed both days and got two NOHS Group 2s.

  • October 8th. Wright County Kennel Club. Hutchensen MN.

    Suzanne went up to Hutchensen for one day. Weren't going to do the Sunday show as it was Dana Cline judging. He usually puts up girls and has snubbed us before. Phantom showed well and went Breed. This was also the last weekend in the NOHS year for showing and Phantom got a Group 3. We don't know if we will push the NOHS showing next year. We wanted to win it the first year that the SSCA recognized it and we sure did well. Phantom won NOHS SS of the year by a landslide. He had triple the points of the runner up and as many points as most of the other top 10 combined. Too Bad we may not be able to attend the competition that used to be Eukanuba and now is Royal Canin sponsored. We will have young puppies in December when the National dog show is going on in Florida. We would be hard pressed to leave Marco with the rest of the herd and a bunch of puppies

  • October 15th and 16th. Mason City Kennel Club. Mason City Iowa.

    We always like going to Mason City. It is usually the last camping show of the season. We know a lot of the club members and there are often a number of Schnauzer friends that come. We also did a Chip clinic for the Waterloo club during this show, so we had some good club friends there. Good judges at this show too. Phantom was on his game and went Breed both days. He got a nice group 3 under Judge Gladstone on Saturday and a NOHS Group 2. On Sunday Phantom won the NOHS Working Group under Judge Polly Smith. He showed well for BIS, but couldn't get past a real nice Bulldog. This was the start of the new NOHS year and we started out strong, we may still have to compete.

  • October 17, 2016

    We took Ivy in to the Vet to have an X-ray to see how many puppies are inside. We were happily surprised to hear that the Vet could see 8 heads and nine spines. Its a bit difficult to see everything as it is all crammed into such a small space, but the best guess was there were definitely 8 and possibly nine pups. (Little did we know at the time there was actually 10 in there)

  • October 24th. 2016

    Ivy .... Ch Von Rose Enchanted Christmas Vision whelped us 9 beautiful puppies. (Picture) Five Boys and four girls. The father of this litter is Kathi Dvoraks Int/AM/CAN/UKC CH Chefhaus Taragon v Himmlisch AO AJX CGC. Aaron was a great show dog and performance dog back in the mid 90s. This is the first litter we have produced from frozen semen and it was quite a adventure. From tracking down a canister in the Minneapolis airport to the midnight run to the vet with a stuck puppy, it was non stop. We lost the last pup, but there wasn't anything we could have done . Visit the puppy page (Click here) to see how these guys grow.

  • November 12th and 13th. Coulee County Kennel Club. Winona MN

    Nice little show. Suzanne did this show on her own since one of us has to stay with the puppies. Phantom did well and won Breed both days. He got a NOHS Group one on Saturday and a regular Group 4 on Sunday. We have built a pretty big lead in the NOHS listings again for the 2017 year even though this will probably be our last for showing Phantom in the NOHS.

  • November 19th and 20th, 2016. Minneapolis Kennel Club.

    Another show with just one of us going. This time it was my turn. Phantom id well and won breed on Saturday and went on to a Group 3. We got beat on Sunday as the judge was very indecisive. She thought the whole group of Schnauzers were very nice. She gave Phantom the Select.

  • December 16th to the 18th, The National Dog Show presented by Royal Canin. Florida

    Suzanne attended the National Dog show since we finished first in National Owner Handled Series. She flew in Phantom to Florida. It was cold here and I had to get puppy ears cropped while she was away. It was a real experience. Flights and cancellations made for some horror stories. Not to mention getting beat in the ring after we accumulated so many points over the season, a number of them over the girl that won and the boy that went opposite. Another reason we will probably hang up the competition in the NOHS ring. It was fun to play with the big boys the day of the National. Mostly dogs with handlers. We represented well.

  • For 2016 ....

    Phantom finished #1 NOHS with 1105 points. #57 NOHS All breeds
    AKC All breed he ranked #9 SS
    AKC Breed points he ranked #8 SS
    SSCA Top 10 in both All Breed and Breed points