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  • Final 2010 Standings
    • The Canine Chronicle - Breed Standing ...

      GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment "Magic" - Number 19 with 53 points

    • AKC Grand Championship Points Ranking ... All Standard Schnauzers

      GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment "Magic" - Number 8 with 67 points

    • AKC Grand Championship Points Rankings - All Standard Schnauzers in Iowa

      GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment "Magic" - Number 1 with 67 points

      Ch Cedar Hills Enchanted Yellow Rose "Ellie" - Number 2

  • January 21st We Bred Ch Cedar Hills Enchanted Yellow Rose "Ellie" to GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment "Magic". We should have a litter of puppies at the end of March. See the puppy page.
  • January 22nd and 23rd. Central Iowa Kennel Club. Des Moines, IA

      Nice show. Stormy (Von Rose Winter Storm von Link) went Winners Dog on Saturday for a point. Shade (Von Rose Hazy Shade of Winter) was Reserve Winners Dog.Magic (GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment) was Select Dog. First show of the year and we were a bit rusty. On Sunday Shade went Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a point. Stormy was Reserve Winners Dog. Magic got back into the swing and went Best of Breed. Suzanne was showing a Rodesian Ridgeback for some friends and went Reserve Winners Bitch on Saturday and was Best of Breed on Sunday. Its great to show a new breed and do well!

  • February 19th and 20th, Cyclone Country KC, Des Moines, IA

      Another good show. Magic went Select Dog to a average dog with a high profile handler. So the dog show goes. Shade on Saturday went Reserve to a Major and on Sunday he took his first Major (see picture). Stormy showed well, but didn't catch the eye of the judges. Suzanne picked up the second Major on the girl we are showing for Julia Chalmers. Suzi also showed a Rodesian Ridgeback this weekend and did well.

  • February 21st. Vet confirms that Ellie is going to have Puppies! (see puppy page)
  • March 18. Vet takes X-Ray and sees four potential pups. Suzanne thought there may be another one up by the ribs.
  • March 25. Puppies Due!!!
  • March 26th and 27th. Dubuque Kennel Club

      Very nice show. Magic went BOB both days with tough competition. Handler on a Special. Magic looked great and I had attitude!. Magic also got a Group 4 on Sunday under judge Brian Meyer. (See picture) Shade won his class both days and went WD on Saturday for 2 points. Stormy also won his class both days and got 2 points on Sunday going WD. And as a added plus we put 2 more points on Jade for Julia. Suzi missed the show because she was on puppy watch. Things are much easier when she is there.

  • March 29th. Puppies finally arrive in the evening. (click link to puppy page). Ch Cedar Hills Enchanted Yellow Rose and GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment are proud to announce the birth of three handsom boys. The "Royal" litter
  • April 23rd and 24th. Waterloo Kennel Club

      Another nice show. This is our 'home show' as we are members of the WKC. Magic went BOB both days. Suzanne took him in the group ring on Saturday and came out with a Group 4. Was hoping for anothe group placement on Sunday, but the judge knew little about the breed, But he liked our young boy, Shade enough to give him a Group 1 in the Bred By Exhibitor groups. Stormy and Shade each won their classes both days and each took a turn at going Winners dog for a point each. Jade even did well as she went WB, BW &BOS both days for a couple points.

  • April 30th and May 1st. Marshalltown Kennel Club.

    The shows continue to go well. Magic went BOB both days and came away with another Group 4 on Saturday. (See picture).The boys won their classes both days and Stormy was WD both days for a couple points. We got to get more furnishings on Shade!. Jade was Reserve winners bitch on Saturday.

  • Beginning May 11, 2011 the AKC Grand Championship program will now have the opportunity to earn Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum status. Congradulations to Bronze Grand Champion Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment "Magic for earning his Bronze status!


  • June 11th and 12th. Wheaton Kennel Club, Wheaton IL

    Fun weekend. Magic went BOB on Saturday and BOS on Sunday. Penny Duffee was there with a very nice bitch Special that has been doing well. The boys did well as well. Stormy went WD and Shade went RW on both days giving Stormy a couple points.

  • June 18th and 19th. Fort Dodge Kennel Club, Fort Dodge IA

    Great weekend. Magic went BOB both days and took a Group Three on Saturday under judge Stephen Hubbell. (See picture). Shade was WD and Stormy RW on Saturday. They switched places on Sunday.

  • June 25th and 26th. Hawkeye Kennel Club. Iowa City IA

    Another great weekend for Magic, he is on a roll. He was BOB both days with another Group Three on Sunday under judge, Paula Nykiel. The boys again traded WD and RW, Shade going WD on Saturday and Stormy going WD on Sunday

  • End of June .... Magic is in the top 10 Standard Schnauzers Nationally


  • July 3rd to July 11th. National Specialty in Ventura California.

    Well this was an adventure!!! Not all of it dog related. Might as well tell the whole story. Perhaps I can put up a few pictures when I get a chance also. We had been planning to make the trek out to California for the Specialty for a long time. We actually bought a bigger camper (31') and a Suburban to pull it with, with that in mind. I am on the SSCA board and needed to attend the show and we were excited to make it a nice family vacation. Well on the second day out we started hearing a noise coming from the truck. We hoped it was something that would just pass, but it kept up. Being one day was Sunday and the next was 4th of July we just kept going and hoping it would hold up till we got to California and we would have some friends to back us up. We even made a side trip to the Grand Canyor to let the kids see that wonder ... it is still beautiful by the way and one of the high lights of the trip for me. I had the truck worked on in Santa Paula. They first told me it was a wheel hub ... so I had that fixed, but when pulling out of the dealership I noticed the noise was still there. Upon further investigation we found something wrong in the rear differential. They tried to tell me that it would be Monday until they could work on it, but I convinced them otherwise. We hoped all was fixed and we could enjoy the dog show, although I feel like I was running around the whole time and never did relax.

    The show was fun, we didn't expect too much with all that competition and all those big time handlers. But Magic did make the cut one day which felt real good as he made the cut over some big name dogs that didn't that day. Nice dogs won and we should get some sportsmanship points. Talked with old friends and made some new ones. The younger dogs did pretty well. Shade won his class one day ... got a second and a third out of the Bred by class on the other days. Stormy got third in his class one day from the tough Open class where the Winners Dog came from each show. Both boys looked good and showed well. We even showed Ellie two days and she showed well. Saw the ocean for a few minutes. Lots of traffic. Wonderfull produce and lots of hot dry land. Its a long drive!

    Now for the trip home. We went back through the Colorado Mountains. Beautiful. We wanted to drive streight through to get back to work on the following Wednesday. Well the bad news was that the noise came back before we even got to the higher elevations. We hoped for the best and went on expectig to limp back home. After all we made it all the way to California without it breaking down. We made it past Denver and breathed a seigh of relief. All we had was the level long flat trek through Nebraska to get through to make it home. But it didn't happen. Started seeing smoke and oil coming out the back end just before Lincoln NE. And then she let go. I pulled her off to the side of the road and got out to take a look. There were flames coming from the differential. I screamed to Suzanne to get the kids and dogs out of the Suburban and anything she wanted to save. I ran to the camper to get a fire extinguisher. All I can say is those little fire extinguishers aren't worth much, about one puff and that was it. The fire started back up and we waited about 20 minutes for the fire department to find us. One guy helped me disconnect the trailer from the truck so it wouldn't go up in flames. But do you think I could get anyone else to stop with a fire extinguisher??? No such luck, no one would stop. So anyway here we were stranded in the middle of Nebraska with a trailer and six dogs and no way to get home. The tow truck pulled our camper to a campground and put the truck up on a flat bed. That was when we noticed that there was a hole burned in the gas tank. The whole thing could have gone up in a flash. In retrospect we should have let the truck burn as the insurance company wanted to fix it, but there were still problems in the long run and we ended up trading the thing off. But we were still stranded. That is the time you find your good friends and we have some good ones. One drove the 6 hours to come pick us, the kids, the dogs and also pulled the camper home for us. We really owe them a big one. Quite a memorable vacation for us. Probably don't want to repeat that one!!!

  • July 22nd. Black Friday!!!

    I broke my leg at work and things come to a screaching hault! I am afraid I wouldn't be much help in the ring for a few months. I never knew that it took so long to recover from a broken leg. 5 to 6 months ... wow. Feel bad for Magic, he was having such a wonderful year. In the top 10 and placing in a lot of groups.

  • August 6th and 7th. Burlington Kennel Club

    Suzanne carries on without me there. She had good help brom our good friend, Linda from Von Rose South! Magic got a Select on Saturday with Suzanne showing him. I couldn't help show or groom and didn't make the trip. Stormy went Winners both days with Shade taking Reserve both days. Our main goal was to finish the girl we have been showing for Julia Chalmers. Jade finished her championship on Saturday!

  • September 3rd, 4th and 5th. Amana shows. We entered 3 of the 4 days.

    Suzanne took Magic, Ellie and Stormy to the show. I couldn't attend. We had our good friend Lori show Magic and she did well by taking Select all three days. Suzanne showed Ellie to start on her Grand Championship. Ellie went Best Opposite on Saturday and Select on Sunday with a pretty poor coat. Stormy was second in his class all three days. Our friend Linda finished her girl, Glori going BW on Saturday ... congratulations. Linda also took Ellie home with her for some 'spa treatments', weight control and coat work. Thanks to her for all her help.

  • September 11th. Des Moines Kennel Club.

    Suzanne had planned to bring Magic and Ellie and show them, but I ended up having clots in my lungs and in the hospital for another week. Linda had Ellie with her so her daughter showed her for us and Ellie took a Opposite Sex on Saturday for a major on her Grand Championship!

  • October 15th and 16th. Mason City Kennel Club.

    Last show of the year for us. I was able to go to this one. I even helped groom. They made a lot of room around a table for me so I could wheel around it. Still couldn't show though. I was thinking about having one of the boys push me around the ring, but that wouldn't have worked too well. Had some friends show Magic and he did take a Select on Sunday. The good news was that Stormy went Winners Dog on Sunday to finish his Championship. Shade was first in Open Class on Saturday and second on Sunday. Suzanne was showing a dog, Maddie for a good friend of ours. She did pretty well with her and went Breed both days to finish her and to top it off she took a group 4 with her on Sunday! Great job.

  • Early November

    We bred Magic .... BR GCH Himmilsch Furst Magic Moment to our sweet Cinder ... CH Von Links Cinderlady von Rose. This will be our "Fire litter". So the names will have to have something to do with fire. Think of a clever name and send it to us. We will add some suggestions on one of the puppy pages. Puppys should be born around the 5th of January 2012. We are very excited, they should be great pups. Click here to go to the puppy page and watch the little rascles grow! Contact us if you would like to talk about getting a puppy, we will have some available.

  • December 20th, 2011

    We took Cinder in for a X-ray to see how many puppies are coming. As it turned out we were a little early with the X-ray and the calcification of the bone haddn't progressed enough to see heads and back bones. We scheduled another Vet visit for next week.

  • December 27th, 2011

    We had an X-ray done at our new Vets office ... Advanced Pet Care Clinic. Dr Stevenson confirmed that we had puppies coming. We could pretty much tell from Cinders condition we had puppies in there, but we wanted to know how many. Take a look at the X-ray and see how many you can find. Look for little round heads and the back bone. Dr Stevenson conservitably spotted 9, but others who have looked at the X-ray have come up with different counts. Man are we going to be busy!!!

  • December 28th, 2011

    Stormy (Ch Von Rose Stormy Winter von Link) and Shade (Von Rose Hazy Shade of Winter) turned 2 years old today!! These are boys from Cinders first litter. Click here to see pictures from that litter.

  • December 30th, 2011

    Cinder is getting very big and slow. We think the pups will be here any day. We are keeping a close eye on her. She has a big smile on her face and is taking it very well. Of caorse she is getting lots of attention and treats. It is fun to feel the puppies wiggle in her belly as they get ready to be born! Keep checking the puppy page to see the latest information on this litter ... I promise I will try and keep up!