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  • January 17th and 18th, 2015, Central Iowa Kennel Club, Des Moines Iowa
  • Here it is a New Year and we are ready and excited. We think we have a real winner in Phantom who can compete with anyone out there. We think it is going to be a fun year in the show ring. We also have Phantoms younger brother who should bloom this year and come into his own. He has great potential and we can't wait to see him succeed. At this first show of the season, Phantom goes Select on Saturday, not quite as well as we had hoped, but it is a start. Both Spirit and Rein win their classes. Penny Duffee wind BOB at this show both days with her great young Special girl. Sunday was a little better. Spirit wins his class. Rein wins BW for her first major! Phantom goes BOS to Pennys girl and gets a NOHS Group 2!

  • January 31st and February 1st, 2015, St. Joseph Kennel Club

    We thought it might be fun to travel down to Missouri with Phantom to visit Liz's part of the world. I think she was a little surprised to see us. We had a good time with her group of friends. She had most of the entry. On Saturday she won the breed with "Q", Phantom took SEL which was pretty nice. On Sunday we were thrilled to go BOB with Phantom. Good trip except we got caught in a snow storm and had to overnight in a motel.

  • February 14th and 15th, 2015. Cyclone County Kennel Club of Ames

    Another nice little show. Might have been better results if Penny hadn't come and beat us again both days. Her Special is something special and one of the top dogs in the country this year. One real nice thing is that Penny brought along Lily, a litter mate to Spirit and Rein. It was so nice to she her again. We got a real nice picture of Ellie with four of her kids, Phantom, Spirit, Lily and Rein (picture). On Saturday Spirit went winners from the Bred By class. Rein was shown well by Linda and went BW for her second Major! Phantom was BOS. On Sunday, Spirit again went Winners Dog, but couldn't get the nod from the judge for BW and the crossover points. Rein went Reserve this day to Lily who got her first major! Nice to share the points with the sisters this weekend. Phantom again went BOS to Pennys girl. We took Ellie along to this show to try and work toward her Bronze Grand Championship, but she may have been a little thin to look her best. We thank Julie for helping us show her.

  • March 28th and 29th, 2015. Clinton Kennel Club

    First shows in a while we haven't seen one of the other top dogs out there. Phantom took advantage and went Breed both days and picked up a Group 4. Ellie was BOS both days and Spirit was Winners dog for the weekend.

  • Early April

    "Dreamer", Ch Von Limperts The Dream Within Me RA, AX, MJX ... comes to visit Phantom (BGCH Von Rose Masked Phantom) with love in mind. The two were bred and are looking for pups to arrive in early June!

  • April 25th and 26th, 2015. Heart of Iowa Kennel Club. Marshalltown, Iowa.
  • Penny came again to this show. So it was BOS for the weekend for Phantom. Rien showed on Sunday and went WB.

  • May 9th and 10th, 2015. Scott County Kennel Club.

    Show on Mothers Day weekend. Phantom was the only Standard there on Saturday and won BOB. On Sunday Suzanne joined me at the show for a lovely day. Our friends the Pazereskis were there with their boy. Phantom went BOB and had a Group 3! He also got a Group 2 NOHS. Nice wins.

  • May 22nd-25th, 2015. Prairieland Standard Schnauzer Specialty in conjunction with Illinois Valley KC and Corn Belt Kennel Clubs.

    This is one of our favorite shows every year. It is a long Memorial Day weekend with good friends and fun competition. I really thought we might have a contender for this Specialty with Phantom and he started off strong at the Friday show going BOB. He also competed in the NOHS and got a Group 1... makes for a long day in the rings, but a lot of fun. Spirit and Rein both went Reserve. Ellie had a good time in the ring with Marco showing her. Marco also had a great weekend helping in the Barn Hunt competition. The other three shows of the weekend were won by the Bitch Special with a handler. I know it was close in the judges eyes and we heard some real nice feed back from the judges. The fun part of the weekend was that Phantom preformed so well in the NOHS, he won the Working Group three times and was a Group 3 the fourth day. And to top it off Phantom went Best In Show NOHS on Sunday!!! (picture). Sunday was the day of the Specialty and Phantom went BOS, this makes the second year in a row he was BOS and had his name put on the Challenge trophy (picture). In Sweeps Lily nosed out Rein and Spirit for Best in Sweeps. But in regular classes Rein nosed out Lily for Reserve. Spirit is looking beautiful and should be winning, but he is in a slump. We know his day will come. We are still figuring out his coat, but we will get there no matter what Penny and Kathy say! Ellie had a good time in the Brood Bitch ring showing off her kids and winning the competition. Sparky was also at this show, sharing his time between conformation and performance. Great to see him, he looks very nice.

  • June 4th., 2015.

    Dreamer (CH Von Limperts The Dream With Me) delivers 7 beautiful puppies sired by Phantom.

  • June 6th and 7th, 2015. Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club, Jordan MN.
  • A show with just Phantom and a class dog. Phantom went Breed both days. I was on my own for this one and most the other people we show with weren't there. Kind of quiet in the group ring. Missed every ones support.

  • June 13th and 14th, 2015. Fort Dodge Kennel Club.

    Suzanne was on her own at this show as I had to work. It is usually a show where there are few Standards present. But to our surprise there was a big entry. Liz came up with a good sized entry and also Brenda Combs with one of the top dogs in the country. Suzanne did her best and Phantom showed well, but he got nothing this weekend.

  • July 11th and 12th, 2015. Southeastern Iowa Kennel Club, Ottumwa Iowa.
  • We are really having fun at the dog shows lately! We showed Phantom and Spirit and Linda came with Rein. Spirit and Rein took turns going Winners and Best of Winners with Rein doing better on Saturday and Spirit getting back at her on Sunday. Phantom did great! He was Breed both days and came home with Groups 3 and 4 in the regular Groups and Groups 2 and 3 in the NOHS. Judges are starting to take notice of him!

  • July 18th and 19th, 2015. Burlington Kennel Club at Fort Madison

    Interesting show! Very hot in a un-airconditioned school. On Saturday, Spirit went Winners Dog, no points, but he is just one point short of his championship. Phantom went BOB and got a NOHS Group1! On Sunday Phantom went SEL to his brother, Spirit who went BOB to finish his Championship! Great day for Spirit, but there is more, he also got a Group 4!! What a way to get your Championship. Little brother is growing up.

  • July 28th and 29th, 2015. Waukesha Kennel Club

    Suzanne took off for this one on her own with Marco and Phantom. She had a chance to spend some time with Sylvia and Sparky along with our friends in WS. Liz was there too and went breed both days. Phantom showed well and came home with two Selects.

  • August 8th and 9th, 2015. Kennel Club of Freeborn County at Albert Lee

    My turn to show. Suzanne stayed home with the dogs. Phantom showed very well and went BOB both days. He got a regular Group 4 on Saturday and got NOHS Groups of 4 and 2 over the weekend.

  • August 20th to 23rd, 2015. The Heartland Standard Schnauzer Club Regional Specialty in conjunction with Northstar Working Group and St. Croix Valley Kennel Clubs.
  • Another great time with a good Schnauzer group up in Minnesota. It started on Thursday with the Northstar group. This was quite a lineup of Standards at these shows. Phantom had to go up against Liz's "Q" and Penny's Elan, not to mention the top Standard Schnauzer in the country (Parker). Tough competition. Well Phantom got nothing on Thursday. The good news was that Ellie was looking nice and Suzanne was showing her and she got Opposite Sex to get real close to her Bronze Grand Championship. Friday was better as Phantom got a Award of Merit in that crowd of Specials. Sunday was even better as Little Lily (here with Penny and Gwen showing her), went Winners to finish her Championship. Way to go Lily ... keep it up! Phantom and Ellie also did very well by both going Select. Ellie was second under Elan and Phantom was second to "Q". And the top dog in the country walked out of the ring with nothing?! WOW. Sunday was back to reality as I really thought the judge was looking at Phantom for BOB, but he ended up putting us third after his cut. Little Lily went SEL at her first show as a Special. Great Fun. Sparky was there with Sylvia and he was shown by George Huddle. They looked so nice in the ring. Sparky also won a performance title at the show. He is a all around great dog.

  • Tangle

    We did something totally crazy on our way home from the Specialty in MN. We were only going to look at the pups out of Phantom and Dreamer. Wanted to see how they were growing. But there was still a show girl available. She was just too cute and ended up finding a place in our hearts and coming home with us. So we will soon have to introduce to you .... Von Limperts Enchanted Tale von Rose ... going by "Tangle". With Cinder past having puppies and Ellie not taking the last two attempts we needed a girl to carry on the Von Rose tradition. We still hope to have a litter soon out of Rein and get another girl from that pairing (probably to our Magic). But we have to think to the future and we really think we have a vision for the future of our line. Quality pups with great temperaments.

  • August 28th to August 30th, 2015. The Amana Iowa Shows, in conjunction with the Cedar Rapids and Tri City Kennel Clubs.
  • This is always one of our favorite shows. Suzanne went down for the Friday show and I joined her for Saturday and Sunday. We decided to skip the Monday show as it wasn't on a holiday this year and we both had to work. Our friend Linda also came down. On Friday, Suzi showed Phantom and our friend, Julie had Ellie on the leash. Phantom went Breed and got a NOHS Group 2 and Suzanne said Phantom showed like a dream. Rein went Reserve which was a disappointment to Linda, But dog shows are strange places. Its got its ups and downs. Saturday I got my chance to show Phantom and Suzanne got to show Ellie. Ellie is just a handful of points from her Bronze Grand Championship. Well Phantom went Breed, but it gets better. He also won the Working Group!!!! It is always fun to go into the ring with a chance for Best in Show. We were thrilled with the Group 1! On Sunday Phantom again won the breed and Ellie was BOS for the third time that weekend and did finish her Bronze Grand Championship! Way to go Ellie. Rein was Reserve all three days. She has better days ahead, we know she is a beautiful girl.

  • September 5th and 6th, 2014. Des Moines Kennel Club.

    Again I was on call and couldn't attend the shows here, but I think Suzanne was thrilled to be able to show Phantom. He does everything you ask of him and loves being in the show ring. Phantom went BOB both days and collected another NOHS Group 4. Phantom is the #1 Standard Schnauzer in the NOHS, he is way ahead in points and should stay #1 easily. What a honor. Suzanne took along Ellie as she was entered just in case she still needed points for her Bronze GCH. Our friends Gary and Glenda got to show a real dog and I think they enjoyed showing Ellie. We were hoping Rein could take the points as she has in the past over her mother, but Ellie showed well and was in pretty good coat and went BOS both days.

  • September 12th and 13th, 2015. Rochester Minnesota Kennel Club

    My turn to show. I get to go to Rochester. Phantom was the only entry, but we had a great time. Breed both days. On Saturday Phantom got a regular Group 4 with tough competition and a NOHS Group 1! Real nice dogs in both the groups and these were very nice wins. On Sunday Phantom also got a NOHS Group 4. Nice weekend and the end of a long run of shows back to back. We deserve a couple weeks off!

  • October 3rd and 4th, 2015. Wright County Kennel Club, Hutchinson, MN.

    Nice show location, always a nice raffle. Not too exciting show wise as we were the only entry and didn't do anything in the group. There also wasn't any NOHS competition.

  • October, 2015.

    The year end for competition in the National Owner Handled Series finishes in October so they can send out invitations for the Eukanuba show in December. Phantom blew away the competition this year and finished in first place by a substantial margin. He should get a invitation to Eukanuba as the dog to beat if we decide to go!

  • October 10th and 11th. Mason City Kennel Club, Iowa.

    Wonderful show. This is one of the closest shows in our area and we feel like it is a home show when we attend. It usually draws a end to our camping season for the year. Our local kennel club (Waterloo) also held a microchip clinic in conjunction with this show. Fun time with our friend there and good competition. Phantom took breed both days. We also did well in the group ring getting a Group 4 on Saturday and we won the Working Group on Sunday under judge Sharol Candace Way. That is Phantoms second Group 1 this year. Wow what a thrill!

  • October 31 and November 1st, 2015. Tri-State Kennel Club, Joplin MO.

    Suzanne decided to go to this show with her Ridgeback friend, Julie for their annual 'girls weekend'. Problem for us was that Penny Duffee and Brenda Combs crashed the party with a couple of the top dogs in the country. Penny took breed both days with Elan, but we were lucky enough to at least take a Select with Phantom on Sunday.

  • November 7th and 8th, 2015. Coulee County Kennel Club, Winona MN.

    My turn again for a show on my own. I always like this location as it is at a horse arena in a beautiful part of the country. Problem is that you have to go all the way to La Crosse to get a Motel that takes dogs. Phantom showed well and we were the only entry. Kind of quiet in the Group rings as I was truly on my own. We did manage to get a Group 3 NOHS on Sunday. So that is a start on the 2016 NOHS points. The highlight for Phantom was that we had him collected by the Inver Grove Heights vets. So we now have Phantom stored and ready for anyone looking to use him for stud.

  • November 21st and 22nd, 2015. Council Bluffs Kennel Club, near Omaha.

    Suzanne again took Phantom out to a show. He again was the only entry. It is becoming hard to find other Schnauzers at the shows. At any rate he did go Breed both days and Suzanne did well in the NOHS Groups by getting a Group 3 and Group 2.

  • December 11th, 2015. Eukanuba!, Orlando FL.

    We bit the bullet and traveled the 20 hours to Orlando Florida for the finals of the National Owner Handled Series Finals. It was a trip of a lifetime. Suzanne insisted that since we were the #1 SS for the year we should attend. And who couldn't turn down the 80 degree temperatures in December. Good traveling with the rented car, no issues except we were pretty cramped. We took Tangle with us also and she did very well for such a long journey. Because it was our first time and we didn't know any better we didn't enter as many of the associated shows as we could have. We just entered the one show for Owner Handled. We could even have entered Eukanuba proper if we didn't have to rush back to be available for work on Monday and I think we would have been in the competition for the win. The dog that won we did come out ahead of at the Heartland Regional Specialty weekend. At any rate we got beat in the finals of the NOHS by Terri's "Q". He was shown by his breeder/owner, Liz Hansen ... I wish Terri would have shown him. We have beaten this dog before in regular competition, but it wasn't in the cards this day. But we still think we had the better dog ... we may be bias! It was a fun trip and one to remember.