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  • Final Standings for 2011
    • Standard Schnauzer Club of America Awards
      • GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment #7 All Breed
      • GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment #10 SS Points
    • Canine Chronicles ... All Breed Standings
      • GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment #16 288 points
    • Canine Chronicles ... Breed Standings
      • GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment #18 62 points

      These standings are pretty amazing as Magic only competed for about a half a year. When I broke my leg in July, Magic had already earned a number of quality wins and Group placements. We handle our own dogs and only attend a couple shows a month, so we feel pretty proud of how well Magic did in 2011, he was probably in his prime .... we can only imagine how well he could have done if showed the entire year and on a more regular basis!

  • January 6th, 2012
  • The big news is that Cinder deliver nine beautiful puppies into the world. Magic is the proud papa. We are very excited about this litter!

  • March 31st-April 1st, Clinton Kennel Club.

    Great way to start the new year of showing. On Saturday Ellie went BOB and Then she went on to a Group 2!!! (see Picture) Magic went BOS. On Sunday, Magic took his turn at going BOB and then he went into the Group ring and got a Group 3 (see Picture), Ellie went BOS on Sunday. It felt good to be back in the ring after recovering from the broken leg I suffered in 2011.

  • April 21st and 22nd, Waterloo Kennel Club

    Wonderful show. We consider this our home show since we are members of this club. Magic went BOB on both days with Ellie going BOB on both days. We entered Shade in Bred By class which he won Best of Winners on both days. There was also Bred By Group competition on Sunday in which Shade took a Group 4!! He is still looking for that final Major to finish out of the Bred By class.

  • April 28th and 29th, Heart of Iowa Kennel Club, Marshalltown

    Nice show. Our first camping trip of the year. A little cool, but a lot of fun. On Saturday, Magic went Select, Ellie was BOS and Shade was entered and went Winners and BW. Marco also showed in Juniors and got a first place with Stormy. Sunday was even better with Magic going BOB, Ellie BOS and Shade again going Winners and Best of Winners.

  • May 25th-28th. The Prarieland Standard Schnauzer Club Regional Specialty. In conjunction with the Illinois Valley Kennel Club and the Corn Belt Kennel Club.

    Always and enjoyable time with the people in Illinois. We didn't show on Friday, but we showed the other three days. There was some real nice dogs at this show. Saturday was the day before the Specialty, Shade was the only one of ours that did anything. he won his class and went Reserve to a Major. On Sunday, the day of the Specialty, Magic was awarded a award of Merit (see Picture), which was quite an honor.   Ellie went Select  (see Picture) to some great girls. On Monday Shade just missed that Major again by going Reserve. Both Magic and Ellie took Selects. We did very well and were pretty proud. We also had a chance to see one of the boys out of Cinder and Magic as Sparky (Von Rose Commander Sparks) came to the show for a visit. He is looking great, just a couple short months and he will be in the ring.

  • June 9th and 10th. Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club, Jordan Minnesota.

    I went to this show alone, with just Magic. It was a very hot and windy weekend at a outdoor show. Magic went BOB both days. It was very enjoyable.

  • June 16th and 17th. Fort Dodge Kennel Club.

    This was a rather odd show. Judging seemed a little crazy as we saw a number of dog we see win regularly being overlooked. Maybe the moon was full or something. We entered Magic and Ellie and this was the debut of another of Magic and Cinders pups from the January litter. Odin ... Von Rose Odin Rising from the Ashes went into the ring for the first time and went Reserve both days. A great start to his show career. Magic went Select both days as Ellie went BOS on Saturday and Select on Sunday.

  • June 23rd and 24th. Hawkeye Kennel Club, Iowa City Iowa.

    Another show we wish we had done better at. Magic had been having real good luck with the Iowa City shows having had group placements (including a Group 1) the past three years. This year we just couldn't get past the Breed ring. Magic did go Select on Saturday. Ellie fared a lot better by going Select on Saturday and BOS on Sunday. The win on Saturday finished her Grand Championship!!! (See Picture) Shade went Reserve both days.

  • July 14th and 15th. Kishwaukee Kennel Club, Belvidere, Illinois.

    We took Magic and Stormy out as Specials. Stormy liked the Specials ring and went BOB on Saturday with Magic taking the Select. On Sunday Magic returned the favor and won BOB with Stormy going Select.

  • July 28th. Waukesha Kennel Club, Wisconsin

    Suzanne, along with our friend Linda went to the Waukesha show for one day with Magic and Magics boy, Odin. Suzanne was also there to help our friend Sylvia to show Sparky (both Odin and Sparky are from Cinder and Magics January litter) at his (and Sylvias) first show. This is a huge show and Magic did well going Select in a pretty big entry. But the big news was that Von Rose Commander Sparks with Sylvia at the helm went Winners Dog for his first points (3), a major no less. Odin showed very well also. Sylvia was doing performance work with one of her other dogs on Sunday, but she entered Sparky on Monday and on her own she came away with BOS on Sparky for his second Major (3 points). She was so excited and to say the least we are very proud of Sparky! Both these boys are special pups!

  • August 4th and 5th. Coulee Kennel Club, Winona Minnesota.

    This was a wonderful show, very fun. We entered Magic and Shade. Sparky and Sylvia came to this show also. To our delight there was a Major in the boys and Shade went Winners Dog to finish his Championship from the Bred By Class. To put icing on the cake he went BOB (see Picture) that day and got some wonderful comments from the judge ... he did look great. Magic settled for Select. Sparky won his class and Best Puppy and later a Puppy Group 2! On Sunday we kept Shade in the classes to keep the Major intact and he went Reserve. Magic went BOB and Sparky won his class.

  • August 11th. Freeborn County Kennel Club, Albert Lea, Minnesota.

    We went only Saturday for this show. A very enjoyable show. Linda and Odin also came. Magic took BOB. Odin went Reserve and Best Puppy and took a Puppy Group 4 (see Picture) against some very nice and competitive puppies.

  • August 11th, Cudahy Kennel Club, Cudehy Wisconsin.

    Sylvia entered Sparky (Magic/Cinder 2012) at a Wisconsin show the same weekend we were in Minnesota. On Saturday, Sparky won his class, went Winners Dog, Best of Winners and BOS for his third Major (3 points again)!

  • August 19th, Iowa State Fair.

    Linda entered Odin (Von Rose Odin Rising From the Ashes, a Cinder/Magic 2012 puppy) at the Iowas State Fair in Des Moines. Odi did spectacularly well ... he won the Working Group and then went on to actually win Best In Show. We are so proud of him, he beat some very good competition and he is still only a puppy. He is a beautiful boy!! (See Picture)

  • August 24th, 25th and 26th. The Heartland Standard Schnauzer Club Regional Specialty in conjunction with the St. Croix Valley Kennel Club show cluster. Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

    This was a very well attended show. We hoped to do well here, but Magic didn't seem to be into it. Both Sparky and Odin were there also. It is always fun to show with this group of people and we had a wonderful time. Friday was the day of the Specialty. The boys went third and fourth in Sweeps, but in the regular classes, Sparky won the class and got a Reserve out of it. Marco was showing in Juniors and also showed Ellie in the regular classes. He was pretty excited to get a Select with Ellie at the Specialty. Suzanne was showing our friend Gretchens girl, Maddie as a Special. Magic did win the Stud Dog competition. On Saturday we didn't have much to show. The boys were third and fourth in their class. Suzanne did go Select with Maddie. Sunday was pretty exciting as "Team Maddie" went BOB over a number of quality Specials. Also, Sparky won his class and went Winners Dog for another Major (4 points)!

  • August 31st, September 1st and 2nd. The Amana cluster in conjunction with the TriCity Kennel Club and the Cedar Rapids Kennel Club.

    Suzanne showed Magic on Friday and got a Select. Nothing much on Saturday or Sunday except Odin won Best Puppy on Sunday and got a Puppy Group 2. He looked very nice!

  • September 8th and 9th. Des Moines Kennel Club

    Suzanne showed Magic for the weekend and Linda had Odin in the ring. Magic seems to be in a slump, although one of the top Schnauzers was at this show and a win would have been pretty unexpected. Odin won his class both days.

  • September 15th and 16th. Rochester Kennel Club.

    My turn to go to the show. I took Magic to the shows this weekend. Perhaps we are just going to too many shows in a row. I wonder if Magic has burn out! Magic went Select on Saturday and BOS on Sunday. We can't seem to get past the Breed ring.

  • September 22nd and 23rd. Sheboygan Kennel Club. Wisconsin.

    Sparky showed in Wisconsin. He is doing fantastic and on Saturday, he again went Winners Dog and BOS for his fifth Major (3 points). Sparky is now .... Champion Von Rose Commander Sparks!!! (see Picture) He actually finished his whirlwind championship with 5 Majors at less then 9 months of age. He was shown by a novice handler who learned to groom and show through a lot of hard work and time spent. Sparky also has Natural ears which usually makes winning more difficult. But he blazed his way through it. We are very proud of Sylvia and Sparky! Sparky also took a Puppy Group at the Saturday show. On Sunday Sparky moved up to the Specials class .... he is still a puppy, but he did well and went BOS for 2 points towards his Grand Championship! Keep it up team Sparky.

  • October 6th and 7th. Wright County Kennel Club, Hutchenson, Minnesota.

    Now this was a better weekend. We showed Magic and decided to give Stormy a chance as a Special. They both did well. Magic got back to winning and went BOB both days with Stormy going Select. Magic also got a Group 3 on Saturday (see Picture). It was nice to see him doing well again!

  • October 13th and 14th. Mason City Kennel Club.

    Great weekend with good friends. "Team Maddie" was in play again with Suzanne showing Maddie. Odin was also there. He won his class both days and was Reserve. Maddie was BOS on Saturday and won BOB on Sunday, also obtaining a Group 4. Magic was BOS on Sunday.