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  • January 18th and 19th, 2014, Central Iowa Kennel Club, Des Moines Iowa
  • New Year, New start. This is Phantoms year. Everything else we have at home is finished. Magic has his Silver Grand and a CGC. Ellie is a Grand champion and has a beautiful new litter of Puppies out of Penny Duffees Zorro. Cinder is a champion and a great couch potato. The 'boys' Stormy and Shade are both finished and Stormy has a RN. We really should find homes for these guys so they can get the focused attention they deserve .... but it will take a special place for us to give them up. So it is Phantoms turn in the ring. And he made the best of it at this show by going in and taking a 5 point major on Saturday!

  • April 26th and 27th, 2014. Heart of Iowa Kennel Club. Marshalltown, Iowa.

    Nice show for Phantom and Ellie. Phantom won his class (Bred By) and went Best of Winners both days. Ellie was BOS on Saturday and Select on Sunday.

  • May 23rd-26th, 2014. Prairieland Standard Schnauzer Specialty in conjunction with Illinois Valley KC and Corn Belt Kennel Clubs.

    Great time as always with the Prairieland people. We had Phantom in the classes, Ellie back from motherhood in the Specials and even little Spirit in the 4 to 6 month puppy class. Our friend Sylvia was also there with Sparkey (Magic/Cinder) as a Special. We did great. Starting with Friday, Ellie went BB. Sparky was BOS and Phantom went Winners Dog. Saturday wasn't as great, maybe I can blame it on the judge. Ellie got blanked and Sparky got Select. Even Phantom only came away with a Reserve. The bright spot was little Spirit in his first show as a 4 to 6 month old non regular class. Little Spirit won the breed and even won the Working group. He was a strong contender to win it all but fell to a nice Chihuahua. Sunday, the day of the PSSC Specialty made up for Saturday. Phantom started out by taking Best in Sweeps. He backed that up by going Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex in the regular classes. Quite an accomplishment for a boy just over a year old. He beat a top 10 Special that day and finished his Championship. He also was Best Bred By that day. He came home with some beautiful plaques and added his name to a challenge trophy. There was also a show on Monday where Phantom stayed in the classes to help others and went Winners Dog. Ellie also got into the winning by going BOS with Marco showing her.

  • June 6th and 7th, 2014. Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club, Jordan MN.

    This was a nice show. Saturday Ellie took BB and Phantom was BOS in his first show as a Special. The surprise cam Sunday as Phantom won his first BB, how great for such a young dog. Ellie took BOS.

  • June 14th and 15, 2014. Fort Dodge Kennel Club.

    Phantom continues to surprise us. He goes BB on both days with Ellie going BOS. Phantom even makes the cut in the group both days and Sunday the cut was only 5 dogs. The Judge really looked like she wanted to give him a placement.

  • June 28th and 29th, 2014. Waterloo Kennel Club.

    Another fun show with lots of things gong on. This was the first show where we could show the young pups. Both Spirit and Rein were there along with Nick (who sadly can't be shown. We also had a bunch of human friends there ... Linda, Bob and Vikki. The show went well. On Saturday, Spirit wan his class. Rein also won her class and was Reserve winners and later won a Puppy Group 2. Even Odin got to go in the show ring and was second in his class. Ellie was BOS. And then for Phantom. He went BOB over a top 10 winning Special. He was also Best Owner Handled and took a Owner Handled group 2. On Sunday, Spirit again won his class, was Best Bred By and took a Bred By group 1. Rein again won her class and took Reserve Winners Bitch. Odin did well in his class. Ellie again was BOS and Phantom was Select Dog. Great time was had by all!

  • July 7th and 8th, 2014. Southeastern Iowa Kennel Club, Ottumwa Iowa.

    We are really having fun at the dog shows lately! We showed Phantom and Spirit. Spirit won Winners dog both days. On Saturday Phantom was BOB and also won Best owner Handled. He went on to win a Owner Handled Group 2 and Working Group 3! To make things better, On Sunday along with Phantoms BOB he also got a group 2!!

  • August 21st to 24th, 2014. The Heartland Standard Schnauzer Club Regional Specialty in conjunction with Northstar Working Group and St. Croix Valley Kennel Clubs.

    Another great time with a good Schnauzer group up in Minnesota. We didn't show at the Thursday show with the Northstar Working group, but we did show the other three days. Friday was the Specialty and we had a great time. It was Spirits turn to show his stuff. He went Best in Sweeps from the Junior division. Rein won her class. In the regular classes. Spirit was winners dog for a 5 point major. Rein won her class and was close to the points. Phantom was Select dog with 14 Specials present. Ellie won Brood Bitch with puppies Phantom, Spirit and Rein helping. On Saturday. Spirit and Rein won their classes. Ellie went Select Bitch. On Sunday, Spirit went Best of Winners for a second 5 point major of the weekend. Rein won her class again, she is getting there, just needs to mature a bit. Phantom again went Select dog. Penny Duffe had a great day going BOB, then Winning the Working group and taking a Reserve Best in Show.

  • August 29th to September 1st, 2014. The Amana Iowa Shows, in conjunction with the Cedar Rapids and Tri City Kennel Clubs.

    This is always one of our favorite shows. Suzanne went down for the Friday shows and I joined her for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Our friends Linda and Vikki also came down. On Friday, good old Ellie (with our friend Julie showing her) went Best of Breed with Phantom going Best Opposite. Spirit was Winners dog and Rein was Reserve Winners. On Saturday again Spirit went Winners dog for another point. He also won Best Bred By and a Bred By Group 2. Rein was Reserve Winners Bitch. Phantom won the Breed and Ellie was BOS. Phantom also completed his Grand Championship at this show ... at the tender age of 16 months! On Sunday we pulled Spirit so he wouldn't finish his championship before he had the chance to show in National Sweeps. Rein went Reserve Winners and Best Puppy. She also won a Puppy Group 2! Vikki got the first point on her boy, we are very happy for her. Phantom again won the breed and Ellie was BOS. Monday was a odd one, not sure about that judge. We again pulled Spirit. Rein went Reserve again, she should be winning in the girls. Phantom was BOB to the class bitch and Ellie got a Select.

  • September 5th and 7th, 2014. Des Moines Kennel Club.

    This is near the end of a long group of shows, but another good time. On Saturday we again pulled Spirit. Rein finally came into her own and went winners and BOS over her mother. Shows we are on the right track with our breeding program. Ellie got the Select. Phantom went BOB and on to a Group 4. On Sunday, Rein again went BOS for points, with Ellie taking Select. Phantom collected the Breed.

  • October 4th and 5th, 2014. Wright County Kennel Club, Hutchinson Minnesota.

    Suzanne traveled to this show with our friends that show Ridgebacks. She had Phantom in tow. Phantom seems to work a little harder when I show him and Spirit is better with Suzanne, but we didn't want to miss this show. Phantom was Select both days at this show.

  • October 11th and 12th, 2014. Mason City Kennel Club.

    We always like this show as it is close to home. Usually the last camping show of the season. Saturday was good. Spirit wasn't entered and Rein was beaten in her class. But Phantom won BOB over a California Special with a big time handler. On Sunday with the judge we thought really liked Phantom, she passed him up for the Special with the Handler. He did get the Select and Rein won her class. At least we got a early start home. I left to head to the National Specialty in California that evening. 1900 miles with me and Spirit in a rented car.

  • October 17th to 19th. SSCA National Specialty, in conjunction with the Dell Valle Kennel Club show cluster.

    I brought Spirit with the chance to show in the National Specialty Sweeps. I only entered one day, Saturday. I was met out in California by David who owns Holly. I was able to show her on Friday in the regular show and on Saturday in the Sweeps and National Specialty. It was a great time with lots of competition. On Friday, Holly showed well. She was beaten by a nice bitch with one of the top handlers in the country. On Saturday I had the chance to show Spirit. He decided on the way out to California to chew off the furnishings on his front legs, so grooming was a challenge. Thank you to Penny and Kathy for helping me with the grooming. Spirit won his class in sweeps and was contending for the win, but in the end he was beaten. We had nice input from Arden Holtz who was judge, saying he was just at that age when a dog gets all leggy (I don't think the short furnishing helped), but he will be very nice as time goes on. I was a bit upset to see a graduated Junior handler who is apprenticed to the top handler in California (and the judged know this) on the girl in Hollys class. Sweeps is supposed to be about breeders and owners showing their own dogs. Some have to skirt the riles in the name of winning and it is very sad. Well Holly got beat, but she looked very nice. In the regular classes Phantom was in the Bred By class which is at least nice because it is not all about the handlers. Phantom placed second in a group of 5 or 6 and was close to winning it. Holly was in a puppy class and we had to stomach the top handler in California. He played some gamesmanship with us, holding up the class and stopping (twice) as we did our go arounds. He has seen Holly before (and been beaten by her) and knew she moves very well ... so he slowed her down. We got beat, but I am not sure the best bitch won. I left after the banquet on Saturday to head home and to work and didn't show on Sunday. I really wish we had shown on Sunday as I think the judge would have liked our type of dogs.