Spring 2018 The "Heart" Litter

We bred our sweet girl "Ivy" (GCH Von Rose Enchanted Christmas Vision) to "Sparky" (GCH VonRose Commander Sparks BN RN CA NACSW-NW1). Sparky is owned by good friends Sylvia and Bob. He was out of one of our early litters (the Fire litter, see below) by "Magic" and "Cinder". Puppies are due February of 2018. These should be beautiful pups with great temperaments. Contact me if you would like to inquire about one of these special guys. We are calling this the "Heart" litter as they will be born in the month of love. Let us know if you can think of some possible interesting names that deal with the heart theme. And follow these guys on the puppy page by Clicking here.


Brooke Thomas of Chimera Standard Schnauzers in Wisconsin used our "Phantom" (Grand Sieger, Int Ch GCHS Von Rose Masked Phantom) to breed to her "Quill (GCH Artaxs Angels Jonquilla). The two were bred in mid March and puppies should arrive at the end of May. We are excited by this breeding that combines great bloodlines from the US with great bloodlines from Europe. Check out the puppy page and see these beautiful puppies. Contact Brook by email ... chimeradog@gmail.com ... for more information on this litter or connect with her on Facebook.  www.facebook.com/chimeraschnauzer   


Heather Petersen in Canada (Steinhaus Kennels) used "Phantom" (Grand Sieger, Int Ch. GCHS Von Rose Masked Phantom) with her "Kopa" (Ch Steinhaus Gargolas Pizzaz). Eight puppies, six boys and two girls were born April 3rd, 2017. It is a combination of some of the best bloodlines in the US and Canada. There should be some awesome puppies from this litter. I hope to get some pictures from this litter on a puppy page (click here for puppy page). Contact Heather for more information. sschnzer@telus.net


Fall 2016 ..... The Halloween Litter

It's about time we have puppies back at Von Rose. After near three years we have puppies coming. We bred our girl, Ivy (Ch Von Rose Enchanted Christmas Vision) to her great grandfather by the means of frozen semen. Aaron (CH Chefhaus Taragon v Himmlisch) was a beautiful show dog born in the mid 90s. He excelled in the show ring and produces some real nice offspring. We are thrilled to see how he adds to our line by going back to the future. This will be the Halloween litter. We have come up with a bunch of possible fun names. Perhaps you can think of some yourself. This should produce some real nice show pups and we hope to get them into show homes. If you want a quality dog send me a Email and we can talk about it. Click here to see the puppy page and watch for more as they grow.

Spring of 2015, John and Linda Limpert used Phantom .... GCH Von Rose Masked Phantom to breed to their CH Von Limpert Dream with Me RA AX MJX ... In June of 2015 seven pups were born, 4 girls and 3 boys. We are excited for them and can't wait to see what kind of puppies Phantom can produce!

zor    e

Winter 2013 .... The Christmas Litter

Here we go again. This exciting combination of our GCH Cedar Hills Enchanted Yellow Rose and GGCH Pepper Trees's Zorro v Morganwald is in the works again. With the help of Penny Duffee we have bred these two wonderful dogs and expect puppies around Christmas time or shortly after. The combination produces one beautiful pup in April and we are excited to see more like him coming along. We will be hoping to find show homes for this special litter. The ultrasound showed possibly 5 puppies. We will know more when they are born. If you are looking for a quality show dog this litter should produce some of the nicest in the country. Let us know if we can place one with you. Contact me at ... Jon1Rosenberg@Yahoo.com. Click here for the puppy page. There should be lots of pictures, pedigree and more.

Update: Puppies were born on Christmas Day of 2013 by C-section. Three girls and two boys. All beautiful and healthy. Four of these kids are making their way in the show ring, including the 'other' boy we kept, Spirit. What a special litter, all were beautiful and have great temperaments!


  zorro    Ellie 

Spring 2013 .... The Masked Litter ..... Phantom

We are really. really excited to announce the expected upcoming litter from our Ellie (GCH Cedar Hills Enchanted Yellow Rose) and the recent top winning Standard Schnauzer, Zorro (Gold GCH Pepper Tree Zorro v Morganwald). Zorro is owned by good friend Penny Duffee and was bred by Arden Holtz. Zorro is a five time Best in show winner and numerous National Specialty winner, along with top SS in the nation for 2009-2011. Puppies should be born the middle of April and they should be nice. We believe this combination will produce some of the best show quality Standard Schnauzers in the country. We would really like to put these guys in some show homes ... let us know if you would like a real winner. And as for companions these guys should really excel. Both parents have wonderful temperaments. Click here to go to the puppy page and follow these guys as they grow.

UPDATE: This litter produced one beautiful puppy ..... Von Rose Masked Phantom. Phantom is here with us at Von Rose and will be making himself known in the show ring in 2014. We will repeat this breeding and feel the combination worked very well.


Winter 2011 ..... The Fire Litter    We are excitedly awaiting Cinders second litter. We bred our Bronze Grand Champion: BGCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment to our sweetie: CH Von Links Cinderlady von Rose. We anticipate lovely showable and great companions out of this litter. Cinder is co-owned by Von Rose and Cecelia Link of the well established Von Link Kennel. Magic came to us through the Himmlisch kennel in Colorado. These two together should give us some very lovely pups. Click here to go to the puppy page and follow the pups as they grow. And be sure to contact us if you are interested in getting one of these little darlings at Jon1Rosenberg@Yahoo.com. Puppies should arrive the first week of January 2012 and ready for new homes at about 10 weeks after birth.
Update ... this was a wonderful litter. We found some real nice homes for these pups and they are all doing very well. A couple are pursuing show careers and doing very well. One finished as a puppy and others are well on their way. It was a wonderful combination and a tribute to both the parents.
Spring 2011 .... The Royal Litter   We are excited to announce our follow up litter. We have bred our GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment to our Ch Cedar Hills Enchanted Yellow Rose. This exciting line bred litter will be the first to be totally done 'in house' and help us to establish our Von Rose line. We have raised and shown both these dogs from puppyhood and we are really excited to see what they produce. We are accepting inquiries on this Special litter. Approved candidates will be put on our list and deposits accepted when we verify that puppies are on the way! Contact me at ... Jon1Rosenberg@Yahoo.com with any questions. Click here to go to the puppy page for this litter with updates and pedigree..

UPDATE: This was lovely litter of three boys. It is amazing how much easier 3 pups are as to 8 in Cinders first litter. All the boys went to wonderful pet homes. But we plan to repeat this litter in a year or so. The pups were all beautiful and well worth showing.

Winter 2009 .... The Winter Litter    We are very excited to announce our very first home bred litter at Von Rose. !!! Am & Can Ch Wow wows Oh Yes has been bred to Von Links Cinderlady von Rose in late October. Puppies should be here around New Years! and ready early in 2010! Odin is an impressive import from Norway, owned by Cecelia Link. This outstanding linebreeding should produce some beautiful show quality pups and wonderful companions.

Update .... The babies were born during the evening of December 28th. Eight strong healthy pups. Six boys and two girls. Mother and babies are all well, we are so happy to have survived our first birthing experience. Contact me at Jon1Rosenberg@Yahoo.com See the litter page and the puppy pedigree.

Ch Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment (Magic) and Ch Justa Lil Sunshine (Sunshine) as puppies. Magic and Sunshine have been bred in mid October 2009. We hope to see puppies shortly after Christmas!

Update: One beautiful baby girl was born to Sunshine and Magic. Cathy Chell will keep this special girl to love and show. See the litter and pedigree page!