Zorro/Ellie Litter .... April 2013

Von Rose Masked Phantom

zorro ellie
GGCH Pepper Tree Zorro v Morgenwald
GCH Cedar Hills Enchanted Yellow Rose

We are excited to announce the upcoming arrival of puppies out of Ellie and top winning Zorro. These should be really excellent puppies and the sky is the limit on these guys. They should make for some very good show dogs as well as wonderful companions. Follow the links below and watch them grow.

Update: This turned out to be a single puppy litter .... but what a puppy. Phantom is the lone puppy from this litter and he is wonderful. Since he was the only one and he is staying here with us at Von Rose, there isn't a lot of pictures and updates on this page. But you can follow Phantom on his personal page. Click here to go to Phantoms page.

See the puppies pedigree