MBISS, Grand Sieger, Int CH. GCHG Von Rose Masked Phantom
WS 43601901  •  DNA Profile # V771866
CHIC 107763 • DCM - Normal • CERF - Normal  • Hips - SC-4405G24M-VPI



Gold GCH Pepper Tree Zorro v Morgenwald X GCH Cedar Hills Enchanted Yellow Rose
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Phantom is at Stud to approved bitches. Contact us for details, natural, fresh and frozen available.

Here are some high points in Phantom's show career!

2019 Coulee County Kennel Club. Group 4. NOHS Groups 1 and 2
2019 Mason City Kennel Club. NOHS Group 1.
2019 Hutchensen, Write Co KC. NOHS Group 3.
2019 Rochester Kennel Club. NOHS two Group 1s and a RBIS.
2019 Des Moines Kennel Club. NOHS Group 1.
2019 St Croix Valley Kennel Club. NOHS Group 2. Regional Specialty weekend.
Ended up with two BOB and two Selects against solid competition.
2019 Kennel Club of Freeborn County. Group 4. Also NOHS Group 4.
2019 Southeastern Iowa Kennel Club. NOHS Groups 1 and 3.
2019 Waterloo Kennel Club. Group 3 and Group 4. Also NOHS two Group 1s
2019 Fort Dodge Kennel Club. Group 2 and Group 3. Also NOHS Group 1 and RBIS.
2019 Prairieland SS Club Regional Specialty, Memorial Day Weekend. Phantom went BOB
to become a Multiple Specialty Winner and Gold Grand Champion. Also NOHS Grop 4.
2019 Prairieland SS Regional Specialty at the Schnauzerpalooza II National Specialty.
Phantom went BOS with a entry of 125 Standards. He beat many top SS and their handlers.
2019 Clinton Iowa Kennel Club. NOHS Groups 2 and 4.
2019 Cyclone Contry Kennel Club. NOHS Group 4.
2018 Minneapolis Kennal Club. Group 2.
2018 Coulee Kennel Club. Group 3.
2018 Mason City Kennel Club. Group 4.
2018 Fort Dodge Kennel Club. Group 4.
2018 Cornbelt KC, Bloomington, IL. Group 3.
2018 Heart of Iowa KC, Marshalltown, IA. Group 3.
2018 Cyclone Co KC of Ames, Desmines, IA. Group3.
2017 Coulee KC, Winona. Group 3.
2017 Freeborn County, Albert Lee MN. Group 4.
2017 Cedar Rapids Kennal Association. Group 4 (took breed over the #1 SS in the country)
2017 Fort Dodge KC. Group 3.
2017 Heartland SS Club Regional Specialty. Phantom goes BOS.
2017 Cyclone CO KC at DesMoines. Groups 3 and 4.
2017 Phantom is invited to compete at the National Dog Show in Orlando in the NOHS. He only competed in NOHS at a few shows and still finished in the top 10 for the year. He wins BOS
2017 Illinois Capitol Kennel Club. Working Group 1.
2017 Prairieland SS Club regional specialty. Phantom wins BOB to become a Specialty Winner!
2017 International Dog Show in Hutchenson MN. Phantom wins 3 Best in Shows and a Reserve Best in Show to gain his International title. He also earns the title of Grand Sieger.
2016 Coulee KC. Group 4. Also a NOHS Group one.
2016 Mason City KC. Group 3. Also NOHS Groups 1 and 2.
2016 Phantom finishes as #1 NOHS Standard Schnauzer and ranks 57th All Breeds NOHS. He is invited to the National Dog Show in Flordia and wins SSCA award the first time offered.
2016 Waukesha KC. Back to back NOHS Group ones and BIS (fourth and fifth BIS).
2016 Burlington Kennel Club. Group 3. Also two NOHS Group 2s
2016 Duluth Kennel Club. Phantom earns his Silver Grand Championship.
2016 Waterloo Kennel Club. Working Group 1. Also NOHS Group 1 and Best in Show (Third BIS)
2016 Fargo Moorhead KC. Two Group fours and two NOHS Group 3s and a NOHS Group 4.
2016 Prairieland SS Club Specialty. Best Opposit Sex to retire Challenge trophy.
2016 Illinois Capitol Kennel Club. Group 1, Also NOHS Group 1 and Reserve BIS
2016 Cyclone County Kennel Club, Best In Show NOHS. (Second BIS!)
2015 Finishes as #1 Standard Schanuzer in National Owner Handled Series.
2015 Invited to compete at Eukanuba as top SS NOHS.
2015 Mason City Kennel Club, Group One!!! Also a Group 4 that weekend.
2015 Rochester Minnesota Kennel Club, Group 4.
2015 Tri City Kennel Club, Group One!!!
2015 Heartland Standard Schnauzer Club Specialty, Award of Merit.
2015 Kennel Club of Freeborn County. Group 4.
2015 ... Bronze Grand Champion at just over 2 years of age.
2015 Southeast Iowa Kennel Club, Groups 3 and 4.
2015 Illinois Valley Kennel Club of Peoria, Best In Show NOHS.
(First Standard Schnauzer to win BIS for NOHS)
2015 Prairieland Standard Schnauzer Club Specialty, Best Opposite Sex.
2015 Scott County Kennel Club, Group Three.
2015 Clinton Iowa Kennel Club INC, Group Four.
2014 Invitation to Eukanuba for National Owner Handler Series competition.
2014 Des Moines Kennel Club, Group Three.
2014 Tri-City Kennel Club, Grand Championship at 16 months.
2014 Heartland Standard Schnauzer Club Specialty, Select Dog.
2014 Southeastern Iowa Kennel Club, Groups 2 and 3.
2014 Prairieland Standard Schnauzer Club Specialty. BOS, Best in Sweeps. Best Bred By.

What a special boy. Born a single pup in a litter by our beautiful Ellie and the top winning Zorro, Phantom has exceeded our expectations from day one. You could tell from a early age that there is something special about him. He would naturally stack on a table at a very early age. He seemed to excel at things without much coaxing. Perhaps because of a naturally good conformation he stands normally in a perfect stance. Match this with a 'over the top' personality and you get a dog you can't take your eyes off of. He glides over the ground as he moves. What a joy to show. And he is a joy to live with. Watch him as he grows and preforms in the show ring.


                       BIS NOHS 2016, Cyclone Co KC      BIS NOHS 2015, Illinois Valley KC
                     Group 1 2015, Tri City KC              Group 1 2015, Mason City KC