Birthday Boy!

April 13th. A special day for this little guy. There is only one surviving puppy
from this litter. Believe me he will be spoiled rotten.
Ellie had a bit of a struggle with this litter. She tried to go into labor, but
it just wasn't happening. We knew from the X-ray that the pups were already
of good size and needed to come out since Ellie was past her due date.
The first little guy had some problems involved and it was just too much for him
to make it. He had made it difficult for Ellie to go into labor.
The other boy was struggling, but he is a fighter and after a slow beginning,
he is well on his way to becoming a very Special Standard Schnauzer.



Happy Birthday little fella.

Ellie was a little confused at this new addition.

3   5
But she soon warmed up to her new baby.

7   9
And we think he is pretty special too!