Phantom & Quill Litter
The Bug Litter

GCHG Von Rose Masked Phantom

GCH Jonquilla Artax's Angels
Here we go again!! We have puppies coming in 2019. Our friend from Chimera, Brooke sent her special girl, Quill home with us after the Schnauzerpalooza in April to breed to our boy, Magic. This is a repeat breeeding of Brookes 2017 litter that produced some very nice puppies. This time the puppies will be whelped here with us and carry the 'von Rose' kennel name. Puppies are due in early June and we are very excited to see some wet noses at our house again. We designated a 'Bug' theme for this litter.
See the puppies pedigree

  • April ... Quille comes home with us from the Schnauzerpaloza and is bred to Phantom
  • May ... A ultrasound confirms that there are puppies in there. The vet thinks 5 to 7.
  • May 30th ... X-ray is taken. The vet thinks she sees 6, but others claim to see up to 9.
  • The whelping box is hauled from the back storage (wish Marco was here) and cleaned and shined up. New paint and parts to make it all bright and shiny for the new litter.
  • Preparation. The rest of the pack moves out of the dog room and the whelping box is set up and readied for the big day.
  • Bug names
  • Happy Birthday little Bug litter babies.