Here are some great links. Some useful dog showing and care staples. Also some Standard Schnauzer websites. Lots of great information at each of these sites.
The Standard Schnauzer Club of America. The mother club for the Standard Schnauzer.
The American Kennel Club. Source for all things pertaining to pure bred dogs. Tons of information.
Heartland Standard Schnauzer Club. Club up in the Minnesota area.
OFA the Orthopedic Foundation of America. Foundation dedicated to the structure of dogs. They certify hips and elbows.
CERF the Canine Eye Registration Foundation. Foundation dedicated to Eye health in dogs.
Onofrio Dog Shows. Information on showing dogs. Entries available on line.
Roy Jones Dog Shows. Another show superintendent.
Info Dog. Nice site on showing dogs.
Great Kennel in Sweden. Lots of information on European Standard Schnauzers
Wonderful Kennel in Norway. Beautiful dogs.
Himmlisch! Great Kennel in Colorado where we got our 'Magic"
Geistvoll Standard Schnauzers. Great dogs out of Colorado
Von Link Standard Schnauzers. Kennel in Wisconsin where we got our "Cinder" (I'm working on her site).
Also known as "von Lipperts". John and Linda are good friends of ours. Their site has a lot of good information available. I used a number of their pages for reference on puppy care and keeping.