I would like to make this an area with links to information and perhaps some breed history. I am hoping to add links to other sites and reprint articles and interesting information here. If you have something of interest, send it to me, it may make its way to these pages.

The Illustrated Standard The "Standard" is a guideline as to what the 'perfect' Standard Schnauzer should be like. It is the accepted definition by the AKC, written by the SSCA. This link will take you to the Standard Schnauzer Club of America's website and the beautifully illustrated version of the Standard. The illustrations show the underlying structure and explain how the 'perfect' Standard looks.
The Standard Schnauzer standard Here is the copy of the standard as it is written by the AKC on the AKC site
Puppy care Let's start with a number of articles from the Lipperts site. Click the links to read some very informative articles about a new puppy.
Natural Ears ... Lipperts Nice article on the natural ear by the Lipperts.