New Digs


Tine to move out of the dog room in the small whelping box to a more
spacious living quarters. The whelping box goes to the dining room and
a X-pen is added. This way the pups have a nice inner room
to sleep in and a outer exercise area that they can mess up .... and boy have they
learned how to mess up a pen!

The whelping box is torn down into its pieces and taken out of the dog room.
Now the bigger dogs can get back into their room instead of in the middle of things.


Meanwhile the pups are put in a prison kennel. They don't seem to mind and end
up taking a nice nap while we move everything around. Now there is a nice open area
where we can build the 'holding pen'!

The finished setup .... whish it happened that fast. It actually is a couple hours work.
And that kennel got moved in the end so we could put Ellies step there for her
to get into the box to be with her pups. It is a pretty big jump, but she does it with ease.

Enter the puppies. They take to it easily and learn to potty in the outer pen.

Sometimes I think Marco thinks he is one of the puppies.

Ellie keeps a eye on the pups and can still get in to nurse a little.
She has taken to the standing method of nursing as the pups don't give her a chance to lay down.

And of coarse its nap time after a nice meal.