Solid Food


Going on three weeks and the guys/gals are growing like weeds.
We handle each pup everyday to get them accustomed to it. We also ask for kisses.
Now they cry at the edge of their whelping box to get attention.


Pups get to get out on the outside floor to stretch their legs and explore new things.
Soon we will give them new places to check out. They love this little pillow bed we got for them.

The Purple boy (now sporting a black ribbon)is quite a poser. Isn't he a sweetheart!

Here we go .... first attempt at solid food. We grind up puppy food or use baby cereal
and mix it with a lot of milk ... give it a little warming and introduce it to the pups.
They usually end up wearing most of it the first time, but this bunch took to it quite
well. They were lapping it up and really liked it. Have to be careful though, because they
sometimes get a lot of air and the burpies.

Ellie watches to see if there is any leftover for her to finish up. Then she cleans
up after the pups. It won't be long and the pups will be fully on solid food and Ellie will
only nurse occasionally. Then the clean up turns to us. Time to break out the news papers!