First Stack


We know they are young, about 4.5 weeks but we thought we would stack the pups.
We did it pretty loosely and didn't want to force anything yet.
This way we can get a start on seeing how they will look in the show ring.
I am sure we will get them to stack better as we do it more often.

Mr Blue. We didn't get him with his head up very well, or stretched forward.

Mr Purple. He really stretched for the food (yogurt). Even with one foot forward I liked his
side pose. The carpet piece we set the pups on was a little uneven also. We will
use something flatter next time. None of the pups liked standing still for the front or back shots.

Miss Pink. Looks a little longer, but I think it is just because her head is down.
Front legs were turned a little, but we couldn't get a picture when they were set nice.

Miss Gold. Nice overall. Have to see if there is more angle in the rear. I think we
need to trim some hair on their heinies. Rear view was a struggle with her squirming.

Miss Silver. She likes to lean. Nice and square. Her head is the smallest of the bunch.
We couldn't get her to stand nice on her rear. She is a sassy girl.


Overall I think it is a very nice bunch of puppies.