Merry Christmas .... Happy Birthday
The Christmas litter is born


1  birht2

Christmas day afternoon, we and the Vet at Ave. of the Saints clinic decide that
Ellie has tried on her own long enough and the pups would need to come out C-section.
Our good friends Jullie and Scott come to assist ... we thank them along with
Phylis and her daughter for coming on the Holiday to bring the pups into the World.


And here they are .... Misters Blue and Purple. Misses Pink, Gold and Silver.

inc  rec
The pups stay warm while Ellie recovers from her busy day.

4   4
Ellie wakes up while Dr Frost and her daughter/assistant weigh the pups.

boy      girl
Meet the kids ..... boys on left, girls on the right.

blue    purple
Mister Blue and Mister Purple.

pink  gold  silver
Miss Pink, Miss Gold and Miss Silver.

And a tired, but content mama Ellie with her babies.