Ellie/Magic litter

Setting up the whelping box!

Here we go. Time to get ready for the new litter of pups coming at the end of March. Magic .... GCH Himmlisch Furst Magic Moment has bred Ellie ... CH Cedar Hills Enchanted Yellow Rose. The Vet has confirmed there are puppies coming so we better get ready. We brought the whelping box I built for Cinders litter out of storage and set it up in the dog room. Of coarse this means that the kennels for the other dogs must be moved ... so they are put in the dining room. We get everything all cleaned up and with Ellies approval everything is set in place. Then she is allowed to spend some time getting to know her new spot. Ellie gets to spend her days in this room and the nice soft box. This coming Friday we will take her to the vet to do a X-ray to determin just how many litle darlings we can expect. We are thrilled at the response we are getting from people about the upcoming litter. We already have a number of wonderful people showing interest in these guys. I don't think we will have any trouble finding good homes for them.

Ellie watches as her whelping box comes together.
I think she likes it
Marco likes it too!

What's this all about anyway?
Getting comfy