Two weeks old!
Armload of puppies
On Tuesday the puppies turned two weeks old. It is amazing how quickly they are growing. A couple days ago we noticed the eyes were opening. We can also tell that they are hearing us and responding to us. It is fun now to watch their personalities coming out. They are talkative little buggers. They are growling and practicing their barks. You can already tell them apart from the sounds they make. Ellie is a very 'talkative' girl, so they are taking after her there. Magic is also known for almost talking to you when he plays. The pups are very active and getting up on their feet very well. They are now walking around the whelping box and I bet it won't be long and we will have raise the walls to keep them in. These are going to be beautiful boys. I am seeing very nice coats developing.

Eyes opening
Ellie watching contentedly
I see you!
Luis with Mr Blue
A couple of Prince's
Up and going..
Cruising the pen
Checking us out