Stack them up
Our friend Linda came up to visit the pups again before they leave for their new homes. We had to keep a close eye on her because she came up with a extra crate ... sometim the pups are too cute to resist! She did give us another eye to help evauate these guys. They are going to pecial companion homes, but we still want to see what this cross of Magic and Ellie will produce. We are planing to repete this breeding and have hopes of getting some of the pups into show homes. From what we see in these boys, pups from this breeding will be very good in the show ring. Linda helped us do a first grooming on these guys. They all did very well on the table for their first time. They are now looking more like little Schnauzers ... too cute for words.

Mr Blue ...... Von Rose König Franz Ludwig
Mr Black .... Von Rose Kaiser Augustus Furststieg
Mr Red .... Von Rose Lord Atlas the Furst