Happy Birthday
Ellie really kept us guessing on this one. We figured her pups were due Friday March 25th. And like the crazy people we are we also signed up for a dog show for the weekend of the 26th and 27th. We figured if this litter was anything like Cinders the pups would arrive sometime before Friday and Luis could stay with the new borns while we drove back and forth to the show which was about an hour away from our home. But no Ellie didn't have the pups by Friday so we had to change plans. The new plan was for one of us to go to the Show with Suzannes boys and the other would stay on puppy watch. Suzanne is by far a better midwife so I went to the show. With the help of our good friend, Linda Shedd I groomed and showed the four dogs we had entered all the while keeping Suzanne informed as to what was going on. I guess it was worth the trip as Magic (the father of Ellies litter) took BOB both days, winning against a very high profile handler. He also got a Group 4 on Sunday. Stormy and Shade each got a couple points toward their championships and even Jade got two points. But no puppies arrived. Well isn't that a fine how-do-you-do. Now we had to come up with a plan to be with Ellie through the work week. Suzanne missed work on Monday ... no pups. I took the day off on Tuesday ... no pups. We had the Vet on speed dial and he assured us she just didn't seem like she was ready yet. She had been panting since Sunday but no contractions. We decided to take her in Tuesday to the Vet and let him take a look at her. He saw nothing out of the ordinary. So we thought something must be wrong and scheduled a cesarean for the following day. Well Ellie must have heard us or that bumpy ride home did something as she started having contractions on the drive home. We were very excited and the first puppy, Mr. Blue was born around 6:30. Mr. Black followed around 8PM. Ellie was quite tired from panting for three days and rested before Mr. Red was born around 11:30. But she couldn't be done yet. The X-ray taken the week before showed 4, maybe 5 in there. So we sweated and waited all night, looking for more pups. So in the morning ... another trip to the Vet, who I'm sure was getting quite tired of us by this time (actually he was very understanding). He took another X-ray and determined she was done. So there we have it. Three beautiful baby boys. All fat and happy. Ellie is being a very good mother. She is very vigilant and attentive. We on the other hand are exhausted!!!
Looks like Ellie is about to pop.
first baby arrives
Cleaning them up
"Look at my pretty babies"
One more to go!
Now time to reast
Three boys in a towel
Mr Blue only minutes old
Mr Black on his birthday
And Mr Red, who we almost lost.
Ellie and the boys ... ad day old
Mr Red
Mr Blue
Mr Black ... the man in Black!
Three days old