And then there was Blue ... Frank
Meet .... Von Rose Konig Franz Ludwig, formally known as Mr Blue. Frank stayed with us for an extra week and with the other two gone we had some special time with him. It is always hard to see the pups leave us, especially the last of the bunch. But we are thrilled with Franks new family and we are sure Amber, Brian and the kids will give him a wonderful home in Colorado.

"Might want this stick to play with ..."
Bye kisses from Marco
Proud new owner!
Suzi says good-bye
Last hug good-bye
First hug hello
Bye bye Blue
One happy family ... new puppy with bonus stick!
Watch here for updates on Atlas ... we hope there will be lots of pictures.
Franky making himself at home at his new home. Glad to see the 'frog dog' so happy!

     1        2

Heres Frankie as he turns two years old. What a happy boy!

     3    4
Lots of attention and a racoon to tare up!
5    6
Ahhhhh .... this is the life!!!