Mr Red ... Atlas, goes home
Meet .... Von Rose Lord Atlas The Furst, formally known as Mr Red. Memeorial Day Weekend and the boys are ready to go to their forever homes. Atlas will live with Mike and Betsy, who I am sure will give hime a lifetime full of love. Atlas will also have a doggie friend to live with when he gets home named Zues. It will be nice to have a friend to play with. We hope to have many pictures to show as he grows up. These first ones are as he says goodbye to us and startes his new life.

One more playtime with mama Ellie
Huggs and kisses for my new mom and pops
Marco, Atlas, Mike and Betsy.
I Won't forget you Marco
Bye mommy, you will be grandmama now
Goodbye daddy ,,,, I like Mike

Ready to go!
Meet my new friend, Zues, He makes a geat pillow and is fun to play with. I'm going to like it here!
Watch here for updates on Atlas ... we hope there will be lots of pictures.