Checking out the pack

The rest of our pack was wondering what was going on all day. Lots of ruckus
in the "dog room". We decided to let them in, one at a time to see the
new arrivals. Cinder and Ellie knew what was up when they saw the
whelping box all set up. Each had had litters in there and all the others
were born there. We have three of the grand parents with us and they wanted to see the
grand kids .... OK ... maybe not. At least they know there are more dogs in the house.

Phantom and Spirit come in to check on their sister and to look at the new nephews and niece. .

The grandparents, Magic, Ellie and Cinder. The are all on "old dog" coat. Pretty much shaved to the
skin. Even took off the furnishings and a lot of the beard hair. That's what you get if you don't stay ahead of the tangles.

Raven didn't want anything to do with the box. She might be afraid she isn't
the center of attention. Shade wasn't too impressed with the little ones, but he is
usually the dog that enjoys playing with the puppies the most.

That's enough excitement. Time for a little snack and a nap/