New Digs


Time to move out of the dog room and the small whelping box to a more
spacious living quarters. The whelping box goes to the living room for this litter.
The last few litters we had it in the dining room but we thought it would be better
to have the puppies closer to get more interaction. The drawback is we lose a good portion
of our living room in the process. And the big dogs have their evenings with the pups.
Guess our house has really gone to the dogs. Never a dull moment.
A X-pen is added to the whelping box. This way the pups have a nice inner room
to sleep in and a outer exercise area that they can mess up.

A tarp is put down where the boxes will be.

The whelping box is torn down into its pieces and taken out of the dog room.

Marcos friends make willing helpers and the move goes smoothly.

Meanwhile Ivy and the pups look on to be sure everything looks good.

The inside part is done and the pups take a little time out to explore.

The puppies get a bunch of new soft toys to snuggle with in the sleepy area.
After the photos it was decided the 'pig rail' was no longer necessary.

Ivy likes the new setup!

The finished setup. Ivy comes to the outside x-pen area to show them
how its done. It doesn't take long for the pups to learn they have a
new area to explore. And it is amazing that they know this is the potty area.