Bob and Sylvia

Daddy Sparky's owners and good friends come to visit.
Sylvia and Bob come from Wisconsin to see their
boys kids. One of the new boys will be going to their home
in a few weeks. Now the hard part is finding the one that will
be part of their pack. Along with Sparky there are two other
Standard Schnauzers that live with Bob and Sylvia.
I am sure Pepper and Jack will be thrilled to have
another beard tugger around to make things exciting.

Sylvia gives each of the pups some love. I think she would take them all home if she could.

Ivy really has a special place for Bob and she was so happy to snuggle with him.
Mr Red also seems to snuggle right up to Bob,

Bob and Sylvia also made for us a puppy playtime activity center.
In the coming weeks the pups will be able to play with all the hanging things
and get accustomed to all sorts of new stimulation.
Didn't they do a great job. Thank you so much.