New Toys

Suzanne came home one day with a exercise ball. I didn't think the pups
would take much interest in it when they found out it was wobbly.
Boy was I wrong, they just love the thing. Suzanne also found a baby toy that talks at you
when you push buttons, they figured that out too and were surprised at first when
it talked to them. But they kept coming back and pushing buttons. They are so smart.
Also this week the pus got a chance to play with the new
"puppy playhouse". Bob and Sylvia made this for the pups and they really had fun with it.

Suzanne sits on her bench with the puppies. Phantom lays beside her. He enjoys the pups..

The puppies are eager to see the new play toy!

Look mom, I got on top

Too cute


Puppy Playhouse.


Even with all the toys a favorite was my slip on shoes.
Ivy enjoyed playtime too.