Pretty Puppies and Mac & Cheese

Here are some early puppy pictures. Not too exciting at this age, but they are adorable.
And you get to see our secret weapon for Ivy.
After having puppies we need to keep packing the calories on Ivy
so she can produce plenty of milk. After all she is eating for seven.
Our girls usually lose their appetite for regular dog food after whelping so we put
them on a diet that they seem to love. It consists of boiled chicken and Mac & cheese.
They love it and can't get enough of it and they seem to do quite well on it.
And of course we deliver it after warming it for them. Boy does she have us trained.

Puppies in Suzannes lap. Training to lay on back (submission).


Nothing like Breakfast in bed.
Usually Ivy is fed outside the Whelping box. But the box
was ready for cleaning and we didn't want to interfere with her nursing.
So she gets it hand delivered this time. She gets 4 or 5 meals like this a day.

Marco helped us do the weighing this night. Sometimes we
put the pups in a towel and hold them to give them a secure feeling.
Marco is great with the pups and they love it. We will all miss him and his help when he goes into the Military.

Big bellies, little legs. But still they crawl. They like to hide under the "pig rail".

Just a few more, cute sleeping puppy pictures.