Tails and Toenails

On the third day is another trip to the Vet for the dreaded tail and
dewclaw removal. After all it is close to Halloween so there has to
be some gore and cutting. I always hate going and hearing the little
cries, but the pups seem to take it all in stride and are back to
normal before they get home. Ivy on the other hand didn't like it at all.

Last shots with tails. First lying quietly at home in the whelping box.
Here we are at the vets and a final look waiting in the tub.

Here is vet Jamie looking over the pups before she begins

And here it goes, checking the length and then when done looking to see all is OK.

When we get home Ivy checks over the pups to see if the tails meet
her approval. Then consoles them and comforts them with a little milk.

The next day it is toenail time. Suzanne trims toenails during our nightly
weight taking and stimulus training. Ribbons are adjusted too.

Ivy keeps an eye on everything happening.