Out with the stitches, it's post time

It has been two weeks since the puppies had their ears cropped.
It is time the stitches come out and those old cups get removed.
There isn't much left of the cups as the puppies play hard.
Sometimes the play sounds pretty serious, but it is mostly play.
But posting 6 sets of ears on wiggling puppies is a test of our patients.
I bet they will all play nice now and not bother the posts!

They look sad to be missing their hats, but they really enjoyed
having the ears open to the air for a few hours. We got the
stitches out and cleaned everything up. Just a few little sore spots.

The ears look like they need a little help yet.

Look at me with my new posts!!!

We tried a number of techniques to see if any are better than the other.

Looks pretty good. I wonder if they will chew on each others posts?