Time for a checkup and shots

I know, I know its getting way to close to Christmas
to keep showing the Halloween pictures. But we are
keeping the theme going. Maybe we will be doing a
series of Christmas pictures on Christmas day.
Sad to say that one of the kids will be gone by Christmas.
But today we have pictures of the pups going to see Jamie
at the Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital.
Check ups and shots. Glad to say they are all healthy.


Dr. Jamie had her hands full as we let the kids run on the hospital floor.


They had such fun exploring the room and meeting the staff.

Phantom came along to get a health certificate, but the pups tried to take him
for a walk. They bugged him until he had to take refuge on a chair.

Checking the hearts and lungs, then a few hugs along the way.

It's all great fun until you run out of steam. Then time for a nap>