First things First

Von Rose Goddess of the Moon ... Cora

All good things must come to an end, but not all things ending
need to be sad. Little miss Pink is the first to leave us for her
new home and wonderful new owners. She will go by the name
"Cora". We always find it hard when the pups leave, but we are so
happy to know how much joy and love they will bring to their
new families. Just look how happy Bill and Vicki are to hold
their new girl. I am sure she will have a lifetime of happiness to them.


Ivy gives Vicki and Cora the once over and decides she's OK.

This little girl is going to be spoiled rotten ... and love it.

The happy family.

Just had to add this one. Look at how Phantom came in and posed for the pictures.


And a couple shots from Cora's new home.
Already making herself to home and stealing pants to drag
across the floor. Then finding a soft spot to take a nap.