New Digs

Four weeks and the Halloween litter have started to outgrow their birth box.
Ivy was a great mom, but it is time to make it on their own.
The pups are eating ground puppy food and milk and lapping it
up like there's no tomorrow. Ivy nurses just a bit, standing up
as the pups are so big that it is hard to do it laying down. And
did I mention the little buggers have teeth ... sharp teeth.

Below is the move to the bigger puppy area as we build it.

The whelping box is dismantled and brought out to the dining room,
Two other boards are placed down over a tarp to protect the floor.

Meanwhile the puppies are housed in a large kennel.
They really are wondering what is going on and need a little reassurance.

Then a X-pen is attached around the front of the whelping box
over the plywood with peel and stick tiles for easier cleaning.

Marco takes a break to get some puppy loving.

Then the puppies go in.

Now they have a nice soft place to sleep and a bigger
newspaper covered area to poop and play.

Sometimes Marco joins them.

Suzanne even goes in to make them feel at home.
Puppy pile on Suzanne!

Nothing like puppy love.