Two more meet their new families

Its that time. The new families start to come and
take their new puppies home to their forever homes.
It is so nice to see all the joy in the faces of the new
owners as they start to bond with these beautiful
puppies. We will miss them dearly.

The black boy is headed to Canada and will be named "Ozzy".

Look at that pretty boy. Looks like a new champion to me.

Is that puppy sticking his tongue out at you?

Time for me to say good bye. I get pretty attached.

The first good bye .... overnight.

Time to play with grandma one more time.


Quite a special boy.

Second good-bye ... it was cold outside, so he got a sweater.

We met Amanda in the Des Moines airport as she flew in to pick
up her sweet Blue boy. They haven't decided on the call name yet,
but the registered name will be Von Rose Ichadog Crane.
This looks like a match made in heaven. You could see the connection
between Amanda and her boy right away. Mr Blue is a lucky boy.


Suzanne says good bye.

I said my good byes the night before. He was a special friend.