Almost Eight Weeks
Another Vet visit to have ears done

Its the dreaded time to go on the long journey to have the ears cropped.
I packed up the puppies, yes all 9 for a 4 hour drive to the Vet who does
the ears for us. It didn't help that we had a snow storm the day before and
temperatures had plummeted to nearly 20 below Zero. Luckily I had Marco
along to give me a hand. We got there early in the morning and Dr. Jody
Strohbehn was very helpful and got everything set up for the ear cropping
and a couple small hernia repairs. They even housed the two puppies that were just
along for the ride while we went off to kill a few hours. Had a nice breakfast
and saw a great movie ... the force was with us. By 3pm we were all finished up and
headed home. The pups were all awake and seemed not the worse for ware.


Dr. Strohbehn at his Clinic in Omaha

Here is the whole bunch with their fashionable new headware.