First Real Meal &
Meeting the Aunts and Uncles

Yes we are keeping the Halloween pictures to remind us of the Halloween theme.
Be sure to go back and look at some of the sample names (click). Some are very creative.
Just a day past 3 weeks and we see the pups are ready to try solid food. Ivy should
be thrilled to let us help feed the pups. We have been pushing the food on Ivy to
keep up her weight so she can keep up with milk production. But the pups are
ravenous now and all struggle to grab their share at meal time. Ivy is being good and
nursing as often as she can, but it must be hard to keep up with nine hungry mouths.
So, we mix up sloppy baby cereal with milk and get ready for the mess!
Next, put the kiddo's around the bowl and entice them to try this new food.
It doesn't take long before they are licking it off our fingers and then lapping it up.


The rest of our pack have been wondering what all the commotion is going
on in the dog room. They were forced out of their room and relocated to the
upstairs bedroom, which wasn't nearly as convenient as their comfortable
abode. So, just what is so special inside and making all that noise and stink
in their dog room? Ivy is getting the whole room to herself and they are
constantly bringing her food inside ... and the good stuff, lots of chicken
and macaroni and cheese. Finally everyone is let in to see the new puppies.
They all seem intrigues, but wonder why we make such a fuss over them.

Puppy trio.

Ivy makes sure the puppies are protected and then lets Shade and Cinder take a look.

Then Grandma Ellie gets a peek ... she thinks they look like hers.
And "old man" Magic gets a sniff. Nope, not his.

Then Ivy's brothers, Phantom and Spirit (with Tangle
looking on) get their chance to observe the little guys. They think
they are interesting, but hope they don't keep getting all the attention.