Happy Birthday

The pups came early Monday morning October 24th, two days early. Ivy dropped the first boy in her night kennel.
Good thing Suzanne heard her unsettled and saw what was going on. She got her to the
whelping box and got the pup going. The rest of the birthing went pretty smoothly. Ivy was
super at the labor and had most the kids fairly easily. But just as I thought she was done
(and had actually gone to work to get a few things done) Suzanne calls and says she had one
more. So we ended up with 5 boys and 4 girls. A pretty large litter. Ivy took over being mom and
settled in to nurse and take care of her babies. She seems pretty proud of her kids.

Ivy wonders what these little things are at first.

But she figures it out pretty quickly and takes ownership of the kids.

Can you tell she really loves her babies.

Finally got all her pups in a row!