Halloween Puppies at Thanksgiving!


A big weekend for the Puppies, Turkey day for the Halloween pups.
We decided to try to stack the little darters .... not a easy task.
So take into consideration that this is the first time we tried this on
the table. Some get tense, some fall apart. I think they all look beautiful.


Here is Mr Blue, the first born and the biggest boy.

And here are Miss Red, the first girl born.

Mr Green, such a sweet boy. He loves attention.

And Miss Yellow. Very outgoing and always up for a belly rub.

Miss Orange. She was the smallest of the litter, but she holds her own and is just as big now.

Here is Miss Pink. She has a interesting speckled face. She is another outgoing girl.

We didn't get a very good rear shot of Mr Brown ... sometimes they just wiggle too much.

Here is Mr Grey, he is a sweetheart and very handsome.

Not real great shots of Mr Black, we were both tired. But he is a real nice boy too.