Two Weeks, Bundles and Kisses

OK, so Halloween is now over, but we aren't quitting the
Halloween theme, so there will still be scary pictures.
Tomorrow the puppies will be two weeks old already, wow
time flies. Lots of pictures here. Group shots of the boys and
the girls. Then pictures of each. Bet you all are jealous of the puppy
kisses. And if you look close at Mr Black, you may just see
some peepers peeping through. Won't be long and all the eyes will be open.

Ivy has her, uh hands full with all those puppies. Belly on up to the milk bar!

Here are the boys ... Mr Blue, Mr Green, Mr Brown, Mr Grey and Mr Black.

And the girls ... Miss Red, Miss Yellow, Miss Pink and Miss Orange.

Mr Blue

Miss Red

Mr Green

Miss Yellow

Miss Pink

Miss Orange

Mr Brown

Mr Grey

Mr Black